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From The Barnes Review, September/October 2020

Personal From the Editor 


Much has changed since the last time we communicated, some of it bad and some of it good. In June, much-respected Revisionist historian Dr. Frederick Töben— a longtime member of TBR’s Board of Contributing Editors—passed away in Australia. Frederick was an incredible asset to this magazine, forwarding tips on articles, advice and constant encouragement to us all. You always know a good friend: He does not wither and shrink when times get tough. Frederick was also a staunch ambassador for Revisionism, and preferred to serve time in jail on several occasions, rather than kow tow to the high priests of false history.

Then, in late July, we got some more sad news. Longtime TBR editor John Tiffany passed away at his home in West Virginia after a long and extremely difficult battle with Parkinson’s. John was an integral part of TBR’s efforts since nationalist publisher Willis Carto founded this magazine in 1994. I cannot even tell you the number of articles John submitted to TBR over the years, but it must have been in the hundreds. His careful eye perused every issue, and his breadth of knowledge on so many topics was astonishing. Very few people you will ever meet could converse lucidly on such a wide range of subject matter. Needless to say, he, too, will be greatly missed. But John was never one to complain—even after several debilitating falls associated with his illness—and, despite failing health and energy, he was still able to contribute one final article, our lead piece on St. Fr. Junipero Serra. Fr. Serra has been a prime target of the rabid culture munchers marauding through American towns; dozens of his statues have been torn down.

We have also included selections from Fr. Serra’s diaries, which offer some insight into this amazing, generous Christian. In life, though, we have three choices: give up, hold the line or move forward. Despite the sadness we feel at our losses, we must move forward.

What you hold in your hands is TBR’s attempt at a permanent record of truth about the plethora of Euro-American culture heroes being vilified by radical leftists drunk on the grog of political correctness. Judged by these neoBolsheviks, the men we discuss in this issue were traitors, slavers, racists, mass murderers and worse. Bet on it: This is what you will read in tomorrow’s history books, written by Court Historians more concerned about mollifying the riotous masses than presenting real history. From Fr. Serra to Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lee, Stuart, Lindbergh, Rizzo and more, these are just a few of the men who helped make America the envy of the planet. They deserve this tribute, and so do you, your children and grandchildren. Please buy extra copies.

—PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

Barnes Review Editorial


On February 4, 2020, President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union address. Unemployment was at an all-time low for all racial groups. Even with the skewing of unemployment numbers instituted years ago that neglect those who have given up looking for a job, opportunities were available for people across the economic spectrum. The stock market was at an all-time high, which is great for people with retirement plans, but not a real arbiter of the financial health of the common man. Trump had renegotiated several major trade deals and talk of bringing much-needed manufacturing back to the United States was becoming a reality. Home ownership was up, economic growth was advancing, many small businessmen were surviving if not thriving and, generally, things were looking pretty good for the American people.

But behind the scenes, a perfect storm was brewing. A novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, got loose in China and began spreading across the world, and then the United States. For many older Americans with multiple severe health conditions, the virus triggered a hyper-immune response, resulting in what one could call self-suffocation. Experts call it Covid-19. It looks like the vast majority of human beings experience few if any symptoms when exposed to the virus. Still, the U.S. response was drastic: a near total lockdown. The results? Nearly $6 trillion has been added to the national debt. An estimated 50 million workers were laid off or furloughed. About 60 million Americans went on food stamps.

The unemployment rate went from 3.5% to 15% (and could get worse). Multiple industries have been crippled, including companies focused on petroleum, tourism, air travel, restaurants, bars, printing, general service industries and many, many others. The number of small businesses operating has decreased by 35%. Food production has been interrupted. That’s all great news for those who want to push a nation toward an all-powerful central government, but not so good for you and me. In addition, religious leaders in multiple faiths have been threatened, fined and arrested for holding in-person services, mental health problems among the young and old have been seriously exacerbated, schools and colleges have been shut down, unbridled power has been given to unelected officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, dictatorial powers have been given to elected officials including governors and mayors, suicide rates have skyrocketed and are projected to surpass the deaths triggered by the virus, surgeries and medical treatments have been delayed to the point that people in desperate need of, for instance, cancer treatments, have been unable to get them, turning their conditions from treatable to fatal.

Basic civil liberties (like freedom of speech and the right to worship) have been seriously curtailed. And last, but certainly not least, 300 million Americans have been forced into virtual house arrest. But that was only the beginning. In May, a black man in Minneapolis, with a possibly fatal load of multiple illegal drugs in his system, died while being arrested. During the arrest, he vigorously resisted, and this exertion most likely caused him to have a heart attack. Video footage of the arrest and death of the man triggered protests in hundreds of U.S. cities, many of which devolved into rioting and wanton looting on a grand scale.

Crime in major cities spiked. Statues of old White men in funny-looking clothing were torn down by rioters or removed by city officials. A section of Seattle was commandeered by violent gangs. In Portland, riots and arson continue to this day, requiring the deployment of armed officers to protect federal property. Looting has continued in Chicago, Richmond and other cities. Places where police departments were allowed to quell criminality curtailed the destruction. Much more than this has happened, but space requires now that I get to my point.

Making predictions is a dangerous business. Only men like Nostradamus were clever enough to couch their prophecies in language vague enough to apply to multiple future events. We do not have that luxury. But we can confidently predict the following: Big cities are in trouble. Middle-class Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are going to move as far away as they can from the big cities to avoid increasing unrest. Cities that defund or abolish police departments will be engulfed in mayhem. Crime will soar. Sporadic rioting and looting will continue. Big businesses will leave big cities. Property values in big cities will plummet. Big cities will go bankrupt. Rural areas will see drastic population increases. Those politicians who offer the most free stuff or cater to the mobs will be elected in big cities.

Moderate politicians will not wield power except in the suburbs and rural areas. People will become more, not less, religious. Public schools will teach more falsified, anti-White history. More and more Americans will, however, reject over-priced colleges that insist on including useless, politically correct social justice classes. Practical vocational training will increase. Those who do attend “liberal” arts colleges will be inculcated in neoBolshevik propaganda and end up like the idiots now trying to burn buildings and destroy cultural monuments. A vaccine will be touted as a prevention for Covid-19 and, to work or travel, you will have to take it and show proof you did.

All bad news? Most of it, yes. But we’ve experienced similar events—even worse—in American history and have managed to survive and thrive. And we shall do so again. As the pendulum has swung in the past, so shall it swing again. Once the new appeasement strategies favored by radical leftists fail miserably, young people will reject them and return to conservative values, much like Americans did after the Roaring Twenties. But it will take time. True history will play a major part in the national resurrection, and TBR will still be there, leading the way, as it always has.

—PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor


The Barnes Review





BY JOHN TIFFANY  Christian symbols are under attack across America by the Marxist agitators. One, above all others, is a target of their wrath.


BY DR. MARTIN LARSON  Those who criticize Thomas Jefferson are evidently unable to comprehend his greatness. Simply put, he was magnificent.


BY WILLIS A. CARTO  No White privilege here: Andrew Jackson was a poverty-stricken orphan but beat all the odds to become president.


BY THOMAS COOK  Shortly after the Lincoln assassination and the surrender at Appomattox, a reporter for the New York Herald sat down with Gen. Lee for a candid interview.


BY DR. EDWARD DEVRIES  J.E.B. Stuart was one of the most daring and effective cavalry leaders in American history, but few realize that he, like many other Rebs, was a devout Christian.


BY CLINT LACY  White liberals are so unhinged, they dare to lecture Black people about the suffering of slavery. But what did the slaves themselves say about their time living with Whites on Southern plantations?


BY S.T. PATRICK  The mobs tearing down statues across the nation are brainwashed idiots. They even vandalized statues of men who worked their entire lives to free and educate slaves.


BY PHIL GIRALDI  Judah P. Benjamin was one of the Confederacy’s most prominent figures, and he deserves any monuments erected in his name. So who is trying to erase his memory?


BY ARTHUR KEMP  We don’t get any credit for it, but hundreds of thousands of Whites have died trying to free slaves, even in Africa itself.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D.  Charles Lindbergh was one of America’s greatest aviation heroes. For decades, now, politically correct whiners have tried to have his name expunged from history.


BY MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER   Frank Rizzo was one of Philly’s most courageous police commissioners and mayors. Despite this, neo-Bolsheviks demanded his statue be wrapped in mothballs.


BY JOHN FRIEND  Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa thugs: They’re a match made in hell. What threat do they pose to America?


BY CHUCK BALDWIN  Lincoln has somehow become an icon of “awesomeness.” In reality, he nearly destroyed George Washington’s America.


BY MARC ROLAND Is Western civilization worth saving? Looking at some of the accomplishments of our ancestors, the answer is obvious.

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