Satan in Hollywood: Anti-Christian Propaganda in Film


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On television and in film, Christians are most frequently depicted as narrow-minded, intolerant racists and bigots, if not actually rapists or murderers. The Catholic clergy is almost always depicted as a place of concealment for sadists and mental defectives. Hundreds of films contain anti-Christian smears, and the list gets longer every year.

Hervé Ryssen identifies a large number of these films and details their anti-Christian messages and imagery. These vile themes even appear in children’s cartoons! The evidence speaks for itself: Christianity—and most particularly the Catholic Church—is under attack in the Hollywood film industry in ways that have never been used against Islam or Judaism or any other community in history.

Decade after decade, these messages have been growing in intensity, becoming increasingly explicit and evermore aggressive. It is as if the weakening of Christianity in the West were merely exacerbating a revengeful, explosive hatred too long contained.

Since 2005, Hervé Ryssen has published 10 books, each containing hundreds of footnotes and references, on matters of crucial importance to an understanding of the 20th and 21st centuries: the religious origins of globalism; the cosmopolitan ideal in literature and film; the origins of psychoanalysis; the prevalence of hysteria, homosexuality and feminism; the hidden face of com­munism; the history of anti-Semitism; the causes of World War II; the great transnational mafias and swindlers; the vision of the “End Times” in the great religions etc.

Satan in Hollywood: Anti-Christian Propaganda in Film. Softcover, saddle-stitched, 59 pages, #850