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Personal From the Editor 

Flashback to 1905

Here we were, putting together a TBR issue that contained cutting-edge material on the coronavirus pandemic, thinking we would be ahead of the curve, and, suddenly, coronavirus basically disappeared and the killing of George Floyd (now a name people across the world are familiar with) by Minneapolis police officers became headline news, sparking protests, attacks on policemen, rioting, looting and mass destruction. But we know the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes something the “experts” named Covid-19 will be back before you know it, because it’s an election year. Never before in history has a virus that may be only slightly more deadly then the yearly influenza caused so much panic, financial mayhem and hysteria.

I can guarantee you that, if Donald Trump were not president, nobody would even be mentioning it. Over 125,000 people died of the Hong Kong flu in the U.S. in 1968, and nobody even batted an eye. But things are different now. Today, such things are politically weaponized by the leftist media beyond belief to scare and manipulate you so their masters can regain political power.

As for the protests and riots related to Floyd’s death, we see an ominous similarity to events of the past, specifically to the episode detailed in our lead article on Bloody Sunday 1905, when a crowd of “peaceful protesters” was attacked by armed troops of Czar Nicholas II. We think you will see those parallels quite readily.

As for today, though a huge number of the people out on the streets—many of them young brainwashed white kids—were in fact marching together for a cause they believed was just (“police brutality”), leftist and anarchist agitators in the crowd found it very easy to stand in the background and incite violence by attacking police officers. These same agitators, sent in from the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and the ostensibly “anti-fascist forces of Antifa,” were then able to incite the crowds to riot. Such a chaotic situation, as we all know from history, then opens the door for nearly unstoppable looting and the destruction of private property, as well as attacks on law-abiding citizens. There simply aren’t enough cops to police every inch of a city in such mayhem.

Read that lead article by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson carefully and notice the similarities to recent events. That episode—Bloody Sunday 1905—led to the downfall of law and order and the eventual institution of a brutal Marxist-inspired state that lasted for almost 100 years, resulting in suffering on a gargantuan scale for those who resisted the new regime. For my tastes, the events of today are too eerily and scarily similar.

We also have an excellent article by scholar Patrick Wood, starting on page 41 that details the common origins of the climate change delirium and the Covid-19 response hysteria. That’s right, they emanate from the same group of “technocrats,” as Wood calls them. All very enlightening and all very disturbing.

–Paul Angel, Executive Editor

Barnes Review Editorial

The Left’s New Religion

The young white man entered the church and sat down quietly in the last row of pews. He had arrived late and had missed most of the sermon. He was just trying to sneak in without interrupting the rest of the service. In front of him was a sea of bowed heads. They were all white and young. He saw no grey hair in the crowd. A large pink fellow in long, white vestments, trimmed in black, green and red, spoke from behind an ornate wooden pulpit at the front of the church. The congregation had stopped chattering and was in complete silence. “Let me continue,” the preacher chuffed loudly. “All are welcome here, but all must repent of the systemic racism that infects us to our souls,” he boomed. “Whitemen,” the congregation responded in an eerie, cultish unison.

“Now that our sermon is complete, please repeat after me,” the reverend implored: “I will not stay silent about racism, anti-blackness or violence. I will try to make amends for my whiteness and pledge to ferret out racism in others, even when they deny it exists.” “Whitemen,” they agreed.

“Now let us review our most important commandments,” the reverend urged. “Please open your prayer books to page 3.” The pastor then began to read a list of 10 items printed in his leather-bound book of scriptures:

“Thou shalt have no god but the approved god;

“Dishonor thy white father and mother;

“Protest for Black Lives Matter on the Sabbath;

“Worshipping idols of our martyrs is encouraged;

“Do not take the name of a non-white person in vain;

“White policemen shall not kill;

“Thou shalt steal from white-owned businesses only;

“Committing adultery with a non-white is permitted;

“You may bear false witness against racist neighbors;

“Coveting is encouraged. If you like it, loot it.”

“I must mention a few other items we must all review, recite and remember. I hope everyone has studied the updated texts,” the preacher admonished. “Here is the latest list of approved tenets from the ecclesiastical court. Remember, these are officially sanctioned.” He then began his lengthy recitation: “Policemen kill only innocent minority children walking home from school. No innocent white has been killed as we are all guilty of the original sin of racism. Tearing down historical monuments dedicated to white culture heroes will wash away our sins. The display of icons of the martyred are approved, in poster or T-shirt format. (See Irene in the church office on the way out if you would like to purchase some of these items. Note that we’ve added a new Al Sharpton ornament to our holiday collection.)”

He continued, “Cutting the budgets or abolishing police departments will not harm minority communities. Conservative blacks who speak out must be silenced. (We must lecture them on the black condition—though we be white—and bring them into the fold.) Black lives matter, but they matter more if the victim has a long criminal record. When possible, encourage looting and arson. This scares our lost brethren, and that is desirable. Do not let your hearts be worried if a building set afire was for affordable housing.”

He gulped a large chunk of stale air and continued:

“Do not laud those black law enforcement officers or citizens who give their lives to protect people and property. Speaking of this is considered heresy. White supremacists are the problem. The words ‘black-on-black’ crime must never be spoken. Statistics are strictly forbidden. Anti-fascists are our avenging angels. Those who protest economic lockdowns and stay-at-home orders must be vilified. They are racists. Those who decry this will be excommunicated.

“Whenever possible, bring a bowl of water and a cloth with you when you travel so you may wash the feet of the oppressed when they are encountered. Oh, and please purchase African textiles and other regalia to show you are in solidarity with the cause. (It is not necessary you know the meaning of these items or the tribe that produced them.)

“Get on your knees, raise both hands and chant three times a day while facing Minneapolis or Ferguson: ‘Hands up. Don’t shoot.’ White liberals are our allies, whether they be adherents or not. Ask not what people need, just give them what appeases your conscience. All must watch the ‘Don Lemon Show’ at least twice a week, and CNN in general four hours a day. Freedom of speech applies to us, but not to them, as our cause is righteous and theirs is of the devil.”

Again he paused, but only for a split second:

“When protesting and rioting, remember that the central diocese has declared that minority-owned businesses have been deemed collateral damage. After encouraging destruction, you may return to your autonomous zones secure in the knowledge that you have done well. Once a vaccine for racism is developed, we must agree to be inoculated. Only through this can we truly be cleansed. So saith the synod.”

“That about wraps up today’s service,” the splotchy pink man boomed. “Reparations tithes will be collected by our aldermen before you leave. Please be generous. If we do not come up with our assigned tribute, we may lose our tax-exempt status,” added the holy man, sternly.

A tattooed girl next to the visitor lifted her bowed head for the first time in what seemed like forever. “Excuse me,” the alarmed visitor said as he tried to push his way past the girl to a heavy oaken door in the narthex. It had a bright red sign over it that said “exit” in bold white letters. It was just several feet away. He thought he was free and clear, but the man in the white robes cut him off so quickly, he was amazed he could maneuver his rotund body at such ungodly speeds.

“I … I think I’m in the wrong church, sir. I thought this was St. James Episcopal,” the stunned visitor stuttered. “Oh, no, my son,” the reverend said. “It was burned. You are in the right place. I can tell by your complexion.”

“And what church is this, reverend?” he asked.

“You are right where you belong, my boy. This is the Church of White Guilt. It’s a powerful church, and once you’re in, there’s no getting out.”


The Barnes Review





BY MATTHEW RAPHAEL JOHNSON , PH.D. – Subversive international forces hostile to the Russian monarchy and culture labored tirelessly for years to undermine and overthrow the benevolent czarist system of governance that ruled for generations. TBR’s Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson unravels a critical event in the eventual downfall of Russia, identifying the foreign influences involved in Bloody Sunday.


BY MARC ROLAND – Heated rivalries and conflicting interests between the Western allies—Great Britain, France and the United States—existed prior to and after both great world wars. In this essay, historian Marc Roland documents the dramatic story of one of the most famous submarines in Western history, highlighting those rivalries that ultimately proved to be deadly.


BY DR. EDWARD DEVRIES – “War is hell,” Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman once famously said. Guns, cannon and other instruments of war wreaked havoc and destruction during the War Between the States on a massive scale. Disease and addiction, however, killed many more men during the conflict than anything else, as Dr. Edward DeVries explains in this timely article.


BY PATRICK WOOD – The leading technocrats of the world have used orchestrated crises to advance global government, technocracy and, ultimately, a scientific dictatorship for decades. Patrick Wood, an expert on Agenda 21 and sustainable development, meticulously documents the ties between the fanatical promoters of so-called “climate change” and the blatant scaremongering behind the Covid-19 pandemic.


BY JOHN FRIEND – Unsurprisingly, the world’s leading “experts and scientists” have proven to be totally unreliable when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. The media and opportunistic thought censors have taken advantage of the public health hysteria they have created to promote a number of tyrannical agendas, especially censorship of any form of dissent.


BY SARA CUNIAL – Politicians, corporate leaders and media pundits across the world have largely parroted the hysteria and talking points the world’s leading public health “experts” have espoused regarding Covid-19. Fortunately, there are still a few brave souls with integrity in office, such as Sara Cunial, an Italian member of Parliament, whose epic speech is worth documenting for the historical record.


BY ANTONIUS J. PATRICK – The international Communist conspiracy to overthrow Western civilization and destroy Christianity is well documented. Communism spread across the world in the 20th century, including even to our southern neighbor Mexico, where it took on a viciously anti-Catholic character, as independent historian Antonius J. Patrick argues.


BY RÉMI TREMBLAY – Europeans explored and mapped the world over the course of many centuries, discovering and settling many new lands. A debate still rages to this day over who should receive the real credit for discovering Canada, the Frenchmen Jacques Cartier or the Italian John Cabot, who sailed for Henry VII of England. Rémi Tremblay, a French-Canadian journalist and historian, provides the details.

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