The Story Of Nations: The Balkans



Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro By William Miller. First written in 1896, available now in this authentic reproduction with illustrations. Topics: The Balkans before the Roman conquest, Dascian campaigns, Romans in Romania, language, Gothic invasions, “barbarians” in Romania, Huns, Avars, Lombards, Phanariotes, Russian wars, Basil the Wolf, Charles, siege of Plevna, War of 1877,early Bulgarian history, Krum, Ornotag, Boris II, hermits, Greek rule, Albanians, Bulgarian empire, prince-bishops, Montenegro, Peter I, Kalojan, Baldwin, long peace, John Asen, Turks in Bulgaria, Serbia’s rise and fall,Stephen Dusan, Turks in Serbia, struggle for independence, Peter II, Danilo II, struggles with Austria, Nicholas I, much more. Many illustrations. Covers to just before 1900. Softcover, 506 pages, #804.