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From The Barnes Review, November/December 2020

Personal From the Editor 


Even though this has been a trying year for all Americans (except the millionaire and billionaire class), THE BARNES REVIEW has some good news. Despite the overly hyped pandemic, the rioting and looting that rocked many cities, inconsistent mail delivery, employee deaths and more, TBR has managed to grow. We have added 368 more electronic subscribers this year than we had last year. These electronic subscribers have taken advantage of the $36 online PDF price and are trying TBR for the first time.

For those of you who are not aware, print subscribers to this magazine can receive, in addition to the physical copy of the publication, our online edition free. This subscription option also allows you access to our archive of back issues of TBR in PDF format. Currently we have posted PDFs of every issue we can convert to this format back through January/February 2001. In addition, those 368 new online subscribers have opted to receive only the PDF edition. This is a great money-saver for people living outside the United States who are forced to pay anywhere from $75 a year to $90 a year for the print magazine.

Postage now accounts for more than 50% of an overseas subscription cost. That’s outrageous, but there is nothing we can do about it. And though we are happy that more total people are now subscribing to TBR than last year, we want and need even more subscribers. The best way to help TBR grow is to purchase a gift subscription for a friend or loved one. (See the opening color pages of the magazine for more on this.)

It seems people are thirsting for uncensored news and history more than ever before. The reasons they turn to TBR for this are obvious. First, Americans and people all over the world have witnessed firsthand the establishment assault on historical truth as we are all being asked to believe fiction as fact, i.e., America and other Western countries are horribly racist nations where “White supremacists” lurk around the corner and every one of our traditional cultural heroes is a villain.

We tried to help correct that fake narrative in our September/October 2020 “Defending American Heroes” issue of TBR in which we published authentic biographies of some of the men who have been victimized by this well-coordinated vilification effort. (This 144-page issue, priced at $15, also makes a great gift for teachers, students, children and grandchildren—or anyone interested in authentic history without the poison of political correctness staining its pages.)

Second, there simply aren’t that many organizations left that are doing the job TBR is doing—and none as well as we are doing it, if I do say so myself. Most of our competition has gone strictly online while others have folded up shop completely. It’s sad, but it’s true. Honestly, is there a better history magazine being published in America today? Let me know if there is one. Third, TBR offers one of the largest selections of unique and important politically incorrect books offered by any vendor in our genre. Books, too, make wonderful Christmas presents. Please take a look at the enclosed 2021 TBR Book Catalog for more! ❖ —PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

—PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

Barnes Review Editorial


“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” So said George Orwell in his prescient book 1984.

If you have been paying attention (and I am sure you have because you are a TBR subscriber), you know that the perception of reality is changing at break-neck speed here in the United States, just as Orwell predicted. Never before in our history have we been told that we must believe things that simply aren’t true unless, of course, we are terribly awful people. The list of fictions they demand we accept as fact is far too long for the space reserved for this editorial, but here are just a few:

• A man can be a woman and a woman can be a man just by saying so.

• There is no such thing as “gender,” but people are demanding a female president and a certain portion of the work force be female. (Women are 52% of the work force.)

• Sexualizing pre-teen girls in movies in which they emulate the behavior of strippers is not a form of child sextrafficking or child abuse.

• Mass raucous protests against “systemic racism” do not spread disease, but outdoor religious services do. • Violent protesting is commendable behavior.

• Threatening to burn down someone’s home, kill them, their family or their pets while protesting is perfectly fine, but standing out in front of your home with a legal firearm while you are being threatened is a prosecutable offense.

• Tearing down monuments dedicated to American culture heroes solves problems faced by minority populations.

• Those who peacefully protest coronavirus lockdowns are evil racists who should be arrested, but looters, rioters, rapists and murderers should get out of jail within 24 hours.

• Law-abiding citizens who own guns and have never committed crimes are more or equally as dangerous as criminal gang members who own guns illegally.

• Inner cities will be just like the suburbs simply by abolishing police departments. By extension, this means that police departments are responsible for poverty, crime, unemployment, drug abuse, gang shootings etc. • Foreign “election meddling” is horrible, but illegal aliens voting in elections is just fine.

• Conservative political and moral views should be censored, but censoring XXX-rated pornography is a violation of freedom of speech.

• Allowing babies to die after they are born is not murder, and nothing more than a “woman’s choice.”

• White people are hunting down Black people because they want to “genocide” them.

• Black, Hispanic and Asian people are not racist; only White people can possibly be racist.

• Offering jobs or college admission to people based on race and not performance is not racist.

• Criminal aliens from Central America who sneak across the border should be welcomed with open arms, given free health and legal care, but immigrants with strong job skills from European nations should be rigorously vetted.

• People who have never been to college because they could not afford it should pay for those who have gone to college but refuse to pay their educational debts.

• People whose families never owned slaves but who may have had ancestors perish in a war to free slaves should pay slave reparations.

• People whose ancestors never owned slaves but fought on the “wrong side” in the Civil War should also pay slave reparations.

• In a related vein, some people are responsible for the actions of ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago, but people breaking the law right now are not responsible for their own violent, criminal activity.

• Criticism of people from certain religions or ethnic groups is racist whether the criticisms are factually valid or not. (Think George Soros.)

• A photo ID is required to adopt a pet, buy alcohol or cigarettes, apply for food stamps, a job, a fishing license or social security, get a drivers license, buy a house or rent an apartment, get on a plane, purchase a gun, donate blood or even buy nail polish, but there is no need for a photo ID to vote in an election.

• Censorship of important historical and political stories by Big Tech and Big Media monopolies is perfectly acceptable if the message counters the leftist party line. By extension, people who disagree with mainstream neo-Bolshevik propaganda should not have free speech rights.

• It’s okay for a vice president to blackmail a nation but it is an impeachable offense for a president to inquire about the circumstances surrounding that blackmail.

• Questioning the veracity of certain historical events as portrayed in mainstream history books should be illegal.

So . . . if you accept all the above as true, then you have a chance to be an exemplary citizen in the new U.S.A. But, if you disagree with any of the above, Heaven help you. It means you are probably sane and have no place in the radical left’s “brave new world.” Possibly the only thing that can save you is time in a forced re-education camp. I look forward to serving time with you

—PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor


The Barnes Review





BY ANTONIUS J. PATRICK Her association with Christopher Columbus has recently earned her a besmirched reputation from the “ultra-woke,” politically correct mobs running academia these days, but the truth is, Queen Isabella I helped save Christianity in Spain and helped bring it to the formerly cannibalistic Indians of Central America.


BY SIDNEY SECULAR The Court Historians are eager to tell you that the Moors brought cultural sophistication, architecture, art and science to the Iberian Peninsula when they conquered it in the 8th century. They also insist “Moorish Spain was an Andalusian multicultural paradise.” But is this really true?


BY JOHN FRIEND Is it safe to go anywhere in the world these days? Canadian freethinker Monika Schaefer found out that the long arm of the Zionist Thought Police can reach across continents, grab you and slap you in jail, simply for questioning any aspect of the official WWII Jewish “Holocaust” narrative. Here she is, in her own words, in an exclusive TBR interview conducted by our own John Friend.


BY RÉMI TREMBLAY We all know the story of Virginia Dare, the first White child born in the New World at the doomed Roanoke Colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh and others. In this article, Canadian nationalist Rémi Tremblay offers us the saga of Hélène Desportes, the first White child born in Canada and the mother of a new breed of North Americans—the French-Canadians—who founded their own nation and remain today a fiercely liberty-minded people.


BY MARC ROLAND When most people ponder German music after Bach and Beethoven, they usually can only come up with the name Richard Wagner. But there were many brilliant composers scholars ignore, mostly because they were associated in some way with the Third Reich.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. The name Josef Mengele brings chills to the bones of most people today, due to the incessant propaganda spewed about the Auschwitz doctor. But was Dr. Mengele really a “mad scientist” or have we been lied to about him for the past 75 years?


JOHN DE NUGENT After SS officer Leon Degrelle crashlanded his plane in Spain after his escape from war-torn Germany, Generalissimo Francisco Franco graciously gave him asylum. But that was about it. During the war, Franco did little for the Axis powers that had sacrificed much to prevent Spain from going Communist—and he did even less for Degrelle, who lived in constant fear of assassins.


BY CLINT LACY We are told that Gov. Claiborne Jackson of Civil War-era Missouri was responsible for much of the mayhem in that state during that tumultuous time. But nothing could be further from the truth, says author Clint Lacy.


BY THOMAS GOODRICH The Missouri-Kansas Border War resulted in some of the most barbaric behavior in American history. Here is the true and uncensored story of William “Bloody Bill” Anderson and his raid on Centralia, Missouri, with no apologies offered for either side

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