The Future for Whites in a Post-Trump America

By Arthur Kemp

Millions of Americans were stunned by the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Many passionately believe that the election was somehow stolen, and that it was impossible for addle-brained Joe Biden to have amassed over 81 million votes without some sort of fraud. While electoral fraud may possibly have taken place during the election, the reality is not quite so simple. This result, or similar results in the future, are the inevitable consequence of ongoing racial demographic change in America—a policy which has been promoted by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

A culture is a product of a people, and not the other way around. This means that a people create a culture, and a culture does not create a people. If a nation’s population demographics change, then the culture that is dominant in that nation changes along with the population. The United States of America was founded by Europeans, and therefore reflected that fact for many decades. It was a European culture, transferred to the continent of North America because the nation’s founding population was, of course, European—and mostly northern European at that.

The stark reality is that decades of non-European immigration, promoted and supported by both the Democratic and Republican parties, have significantly altered the population make-up of the United States.

As revealed by a review of U.S. Census Bureau statistics1 carried out by researchers at the Brookings Institute in 2018,2 massive non-European immigration into America has resulted in a dramatic change in the nation’s racial makeup. This change is even more marked in the younger generations. As the Brookings research showed, a majority of those under 18 years old in America in the year 2020 were non-White. In addition, by the year 2027—that is, in six years’ time from this writing—the majority of people under age 29 in America will be non-White.

By 2033, just 12 years away from now, the majority of those under 39 years old will be non-White. Most significantly, by 2045—just 24 years away—Whites will form an absolute minority of the U.S. population.

Even these figures are likely not to tell the full story. This is because the U.S. Census Bureau has an extremely poor system of racial classification, which is based primarily upon self-identification and extremely nebulous and hopelessly inaccurate definitions.

The Census Bureau’s definition of White, for example, reads as follows: “White: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.” This means, of course, that for their statistical purposes, millions of non-Whites are counted as “White” simply because there is no other category for them.3

In addition, the U.S. Census Bureau has no definition of “Hispanic.” This is, of course, for the particularly good reason that there is no “Hispanic race” as such, but rather a highly varied group with disparate racial origins which include European, American Indian and African (from the slave-trading era) and, in the majority of cases, a mixture of two or all three of those groups.

All of this results in even greater confusion over how the Census Bureau defines “White.” This is most prominently visible in national crime statistics as reported by the FBI, which classify all “Hispanic” crime as “White crime,” effectively blaming MS-13 and other gang crime on actual White people.

Racial Demography

It does not really matter what the exact figures are. The reality is that Whites are rapidly sliding towards minority status. Whites are already a minority in scores of major metropolitan areas of the U.S., such as Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia and many, many other cities.

This profound demographic change lies at the heart of the millions of votes that Biden received in 2020. Exit polls conducted at the time of the election revealed this in clear detail:

  • 58% of Whites voted for Trump, whereas 41% of Whites voted for Biden;
  • 87% of Blacks voted for Biden, whereas 12% of Blacks voted for Trump;
  • 65% of “Latino” voters cast ballots for Biden, whereas 32% of “Latino” voters cast ballots for Trump.4

It is worth repeating once again that the definition of “White” is a serious problem even in these exit polls. Perhaps the best example of this issue took place in the high pro-Biden turnout amongst “Arab-American” voters in several key Michigan counties. There, according to the Arab American Institute and the Wayne County Clerk’s Office, more than 70% of the Arab vote went to Biden, which, together with “Black voters in big Michigan cities ultimately pushed Biden over the edge.”5 There is no category for “Arab” on the official census forms, so that group is counted as “White” for all official purposes.

It will also come as no surprise for readers to learn that the major claims of electoral fraud all took place in heavily non-White cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Raleigh, Atlanta and Milwaukee. One of the Biden campaign’s top lawyers, Robert F. Bauer, is on record saying that the Trump campaign’s claims of electoral fraud were a “remarkably brazen attempt to disenfranchise Black voters” and was “straight-out discriminatory behavior.”6

When all of these racial demographic figures are considered, it is not unreasonable to conclude that it would have been surprising had Trump won an outright majority in 2020—even if there had been no fraud whatsoever. Furthermore, it is also clear that if the Republican Party had not lost the presidency in 2020, they will most certainly lose in 2024.

In order to gain a fuller understanding of exactly how this process has taken place—and what it means for the future of White Americans—it is necessary to first come to a revisionist understanding of the Trump presidency.

Many White Americans—even if subconsciously—believed that Trump was either the savior of White America or at least the protector of “traditional” America. There are also significant numbers of racially conscious White Americans who believed much the same. In reality, Trump was, in this author’s opinion, nothing of the sort.

The Reagan Years

To be fair on Trump, he has never actually claimed to be on the side of White people.  Trump is in fact merely the latest iteration of a race-denying conservative tradition which dates to at least the time of Ronald Reagan.

It is now often forgotten that it was Reagan who, in 1986, signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act—a bill which contained the very first ever mass blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants. That law declared that any illegal immigrant who had entered the country before 1982 qualified for amnesty and citizenship. This resulted in nearly 3 million illegal immigrants—mostly from Mexico and Central America—gaining instant legal status in America, and particularly in California and southern border states.

It is also significant that this first blanket illegal immigration amnesty bill was put forward by a Republican conservative and not a “progressive” Democrat.

Reagan’s blanket amnesty was merely a continuation of the aftereffects of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965,  signed into law by the Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson. That act abolished the National Origins Formula, which had been in place since the passing of the Immigration Act of 1924, which actively prevented non-Northwestern European immigration to America.

How is it, then, that both the Democratic and Republican parties are in league with each other over this policy? How is it possible that both these parties actively endorse Black and Hispanic rights, but actively eschew any mention of White rights? How is it possible that both parties actively endorse the existence of a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), a Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), a Jewish Republican Committee, a National Jewish Democratic Council and so on—but no one dares to even discuss a Congressional White Caucus  or a White Republican Committee or a National White Democratic Council?

Controlling the Debate

The reason why both parties are the same can be found in the explanation of how the Jewish lobby goes to work in politics, as revealed by the ex-Israeli and pro-Palestinian peace activist Gilad Atzmon.7As that brave writer revealed, the Jewish lobby takes over the “left” and “right” wings of the mainstream political spectrum. The “political debate” of the day then becomes a debate between “right-wing Jews” and “left-wing Jews,” or, put in Israeli terms, a debate between the Likud Party faction and the Israeli Labour Party faction.

Winston Churchill also spotted this phenomenon in his famous 1920 Illustrated Sunday Herald article titled “Zionism Versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.” In that article, Churchill argued that the Jews were split into three camps: a Zionist group, a Bolshevist group—who together formed the vast majority of Jews—and a third “loyal” Jews group, which was a minority.

Churchill’s accurate summary of the situation is equally applicable to the American political spectrum today. The Republican Party is representative of the “right-wing” Jewish lobby, while the Democratic Party represents the “left-wing” Jewish lobby.

The end result of this “right-wing, left-wing” Jewish dichotomy is that the mainstream political debate is always only an internal fight between left- and right-wing Jews. European Americans—and all other Americans—stand idly by on the sidelines as spectators, while Sheldon Adelson-financed “right-wing” puppets slug it out with Haim Saban/George Soros-financed “left-wing” puppets over what are essentially Jewish interests. European interests are never even up for discussion.

It would be a serious mistake to think that there is any significant difference between these two groups as far as EuropeanAmerican interests are concerned.

This can be seen most clearly, for example, in the way that the Democratic-controlled Congress refused to supply funds to Trump to build a border wall with Mexico—while simultaneously providing billions and billions of dollars to Israel, which builds massive border walls to keep all non-Jews out of that Jews-only country.

Another way in which this collusion can be seen is in U.S. foreign policy. It is not necessary here to point out that both Republican and Democratic administrations, going back decades, have always been engineered by the Jewish lobby to put Israel’s interests first, even, if need be, starting illegal and immoral wars such as the invasion of Iraq or bombing Syrian forces fighting ISIS.

Inherent Party Beliefs

This effective control of the political debate means that the interests of European Americans are never put first by any of these parties, as the sad record of anti-White discrimination in federal policy and programs proves beyond any doubt.8

In addition, both the Republican and Democratic parties are entirely committed to the policy of race denial (once again only developing a blind spot when it comes to the overtly racially based immigration and social policies of Israel). This refusal to recognize race as a socially significant factor is the basis of all claims of “systemic racism.”

There is no doubt that Blacks and most other non-Whites—with the notable exception of certain northeast Asian racial groups—are “worse off” than Whites on all social indicators. Readers will be familiar with many of the statistics: There are more Blacks in jail then in college; Blacks and Hispanics have a higher crime rate than Whites; Blacks and Hispanics are on average poorer than Whites; and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

As outlined in my book The War Against Whites,9 the causes of these disparities are biological in nature, and not something generated by Whites as some sort of fantastic conspiracy—as the anti-White movement claims.

Nonetheless, the denial of race as the cause of these unbridgeable socio-economic differences leads to Whites being blamed … for everything! Apparently, there is some vast White conspiracy that always ensures that non-Whites have higher crime rates, lower academic achievements, suffer from economic backwardness etc. The Oprah Show even once hosted an obese Black woman blaming Black obesity rates on the stress caused by “White racism.”

By pretending that race is not a determinant of intelligence, social status, economic achievement, academic ability and every other social indicator one could mention, both the Republican and Democratic parties are the cause of institutionalized anti-White racism.

It is therefore vital for all European-Americans to understand that there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties on the two make-or-break issues confronting America, namely race and the power of the Jewish lobby.

Anyone who therefore looks toward the Republican Party or “Trumpism” as the “Great White Hope” is therefore going to be sorely disappointed.

The Future of the GOP

If there was one thing that became evident from the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections, it was that the Republican Party is also now even more committed to “diversity” than ever before.

Of course, following the left wing’s lead, “diversity” is always meant to be used against Whites. In this regard, it is important to understand that there are never calls for more “diversity” for Black areas, only for those which are majority White.

Even as polls closed in November 2020, the Republican Party was boasting about how many homosexuals, Blacks, “Latinos” and others had voted for it10—once again refusing to even mention that White voters had given Trump the vast, overwhelming, majority of his votes.

What Now?

If both Republican and Democratic Parties are rotten to the core, then the question can therefore be legitimately asked: What now for White Americans?

Firstly, it must be clear to all rational-minded people that democracy, or the traditional two-party electoral system, offers no hope of salvation for White America. The Third World invasion is now so extensive that it is impossible to win a plurality of votes in elections.

In fact, if it had not been for the principle of disproportional representation built into the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate, it would have already long since been impossible for the Republican Party to have held onto the Senate for as long as it did, or for Trump to have even won the 2016 election.

As the demographic change continues, so this issue will become more and more obvious. In this regard, it is significant to point out that the four years of the Trump administration from 2016 to 2020 did nothing to prevent this change from proceeding—as the more than 800,000 Hispanic voters coming on to the poll books every year vividly demonstrates.11

Two Paths

There are therefore essentially two paths open to White Americans.

The first is to do nothing, and just let things slide so that Whites become a minority in the country their ancestors founded. This will inevitably lead to America becoming a larger version of present-day South Africa, which contains a shrinking White minority, hated and despised because they still are the only ones who can create wealth and progress—blamed for all non-White failures to achieve, and subjected to ever-increasing violent criminality as the have-nots seize what little the Whites have left.

The second option is for European political activists to finally understand that the only manner in which they can assure their survival is through a radical re-understanding of the relationship between race, political power and demographics.

Whites will not survive as a minority. Survival can only be achieved by being a majority in your own geographically defined region.

And here is the good news—at last. Despite the grim-sounding demographic projections outlined earlier, Whites are only shrinking when expressed as a percentage of the entire population, and not in real numbers. In fact, there are possibly more Americans of European descent than ever before, and this fact must never be forgotten.

Astute political activists must therefore take heart from this fact, learn the relationship between race and demographics, and bring this principle to practical application. This means not relying on “Trumpism” to save them—it will not—but instead to start actively working towards geographic consolidation.  Politically conscious European-Americans will have to start actively congregating in certain areas, with the aim of being a majority and, eventually, edging towards secession as the rest of the U.S. declines into Third World status.

This is the ultimate law of nature: Those who form the majority population in a territory determine the nature of the civilization in that region.

There are, of course, huge stumbling blocks on this path. An aggressive far-left administration, inherently hostile mass media and other factors will make this task difficult.  But, before the nay-sayers dismiss it as impossible, they would do well to answer the question: What else do they propose? What other choices are there?

The road to European-American survival will not be easy. But it is a path which must be trod, because the alternative is endless night.


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