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From The Barnes Review, January/February 2021

Personal From the Editor 


If 2021 is going to be anything like 2020, we aren’t sure we want any part of it. The year 2020 was a confusing mess of identity politics, fake news, statue-yanking, rioting, looting, anti-police rhetoric, voting irregularities bordering on massive fraud and, of course, Covid-19 and the government’s police-state reaction to it.

2020 was also the last year of Donald Trump’s term as president. As we go to press, his legal team is still mounting efforts to have the election of swamp creature Joe Biden overturned, but we will take for granted that the Deep State has accomplished what it set out to do four years ago: make sure he never sees the inside of the White House ever again.

So, win or lose, now is a good time to take an honest look at Mr. Trump and determine whether or not he is the champion of White America that many believe him to be. Certainly, we can say that we appreciate his tempered comments about the free speech rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and his refusal to publicly “cancel” groups like the Proud Boys.

We also admire the fact that he was willing to call Black Lives Matter and Antifa what they really are, domestic terrorists, and his concentration on America-first policies. Still, we must ask the core question: Was Mr. Trump a true champion of White rights?

In our lead article, historian and author Arthur Kemp examines just what the future holds for White people in a post-Trump America and whether any politician—from either party—has a future in politics if he makes the rights of the majority a priority. Unfortunately, as Kemp points out, Whites won’t be the majority in this nation for much longer. So what does the future hold for us?

Check out that important article starting on page 5. We have also assembled several articles focusing on the dangers of Bolshevism and Communism. Judging from the messages being sent to us from the radical left and their controlled politicians, a Venezuelan-style socialist state is what they want for America. All U.S. politicians should read the articles by Marc Roland and Antonius J. Patrick if they want to know the end result of their deluded plans to turn this nation Bolshevik red.

But that’s not all. We also have articles on several vilified Western culture heroes including King Leopold II of Belgium and famed German special operations officer Otto Skorzeny. We also include tracts on little-known Canadian populist Anaclet Chalifoux, a detailed analysis of the actions of the Einsatzgruppen on the Eastern Front, WWII Japan’s efforts to build aircraft carrier submarines, America’s anti-Japanese WWII propaganda efforts, why Germany invaded Greece—and even more.

And please be sure to read our exclusive interview with persecuted champion of Revisionism Lady Michele Renouf, who just won a stunning victory for freedom of speech in Germany. One thing you can be sure about in 2021 is this: TBR will continue to resist the scourge of political correctness that has infected this nation, leaving at least half of the population brainless zombies ignorant of their past, present and future.

—PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

Barnes Review Editorial


Well, the unthinkable has happened. A man swiftly approaching senility has been elected president of the United States. Whether that election was pre-determined by the machinations of Deep State actors or just how many votes were actually stolen has yet to be determined, though fully 75% of Republican voters believe that the election was not an honest one.

The new president’s name is Joe Biden, and he has held political office for nearly 20% of the time the United States has been a nation. And what has he gotten done in that half-century of public service? Nearly nothing, unless you consider enriching your family through shady business deals a major accomplishment. But, hopefully, nothing is what Joe gets done in the next four years because, looking at the platform of the Democratic Party, that is about all on that slate that should be enacted.

It’s almost laughable that a man who has run for president multiple times—and nearly had to drop out of the 2020 primaries because nobody really wanted to vote for him—has somehow managed to grab the White House. Many people are saying that the one quality he lacked in his previous runs for president was, in fact, his senility. Did they actually vote for him because he is addle-brained? It would appear so. I can’t see any other attributes the man brings to the table. Yes, senility is his defining personality trait and one that will come in handy for his controllers.

This is the same Joe Biden who may still believe he is running for the Senate, which he said on more than one occasion on the campaign trail—a rarely traveled trail that led to but a few pep rallies in basically empty parking lots. This is the same Joe Biden who was often unaware of what city or state he was in when making a speech. This is the same Joe Biden who regaled us with riveting tales of little Black children rubbing the hair on his legs. This is the same Joe Biden who thinks he was running for president against a man named George. The same Joe Biden who badly botched the first lines of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, stumbling over his words and then insisting, “You know the thing.”

The same Joe Biden who said that a million Americans had died of Covid-19, that elections were held on Super Thursday, who insists we choose “truth over facts” and who lauded the “mayor of Massachusetts.” The same Joe Biden who could not tell the difference between his wife and his sister. The same Joe Biden who is proud of his son for being kicked out of the U.S. Navy for drug abuse and has gone on to take cocaine addiction and alcohol abuse to a high art. The same Joe Biden who thinks there are 700 million women in the American work force. The same Joe Biden who takes credit for preventing you from inserting more than one magazine at a time into a firearm and insists we need to have our children listen to a phonograph every night to make sure they don’t underperform in school or end up in jail.

The list goes on and on, but the point is that, were Joe Biden NOT senile, he would not have been elected. He is the perfect vessel for the potential radical left takeover of this nation. The good news, as Joe says, is that, waiting in the wings is an energetic “progressive” woman, California Sen. Kamala Harris, for whom he will gladly step aside should there be any “major philosophical differences.” He’ll just go to the doctor and have himself diagnosed with the senility we all know is in full flower inside his skull.

So, how will life be with a senile president? Maybe it won’t be so bad. Maybe we will like him so much, the Democrats and Republicans will insist that all future presidential candidates have some type of severe cognitive malfunction. Maybe having a president do nothing for four years isn’t such a bad thing. Honestly, life is pretty good here for hundreds of millions of Americans—maybe the best it has been in decades. So, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Joe.

And that is exactly what your resumé makes us believe you will accomplish: nothing. Our fingers are crossed. As I write this in the waning days of December 2020, eyewitnesses say Mr. Trump has packed up his things and is vacating the White House. And, despite what the news media and U.S. intelligence agencies say and think about him, I am going to miss Donald Trump. For the first time in my life, a president talked seriously about the same issues that TBR founder Willis Carto harped on for decades: the idiocy of free trade, the use of tariffs as a way to level the playing field for American workers, the folly of foreign military intervention, the necessity of a nation to secure its own borders, controlling immigration into the U.S. so that only people with something to offer this nation—and who want to be Americans—are allowed in (preferably from European countries) and the plight of the shrinking American middle class.

I must add that none of us here at TBR approves of some of Mr. Trump’s more surprising policies, including his overtly amorous affection for the state of Israel or his pardoning of Israel’s infamous spy Jonathan Pollard.

That being said, it’s time for us to say “good-bye” to Donald Trump—at least for now—and watch Joe Biden carefully. Can he and his cohorts really ruin America in just four years? We’ll find out. But one thing is for sure, we will see a switch from the “America first” rhetoric of Trump to the “America worst” sloganeering of the neo-liberals and their man Joe Biden, “the Conquering Zero.”

—PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

The Barnes Review





BY ARTHUR KEMP Many American White conservatives see Donald Trump as a defender of their rights. If he is a defender of White rights, then he is the only one in either major political party.


BY MARC ROLAND In 1958, W. Cleon Skousen penned The Naked Communist, exposing the growing Bolshevik threat to America and the West. Today, the book is more pertinent than ever.


BY DR. EDWARD DEVRIES In America it was images of Fr. Junipero Serra and Robert E. Lee that received the most vitriol from rioters. But in Europe, the most hated man is Belgium’s Leopold II. Why?


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D.  Hollywood is fond of making fictional movies about incredible acts of wartime bravery and soldiers who pull off the impossible. Rarely does this actually happen in real life—unless the operations are led by German WWII commando Otto Skorzeny.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. As part of an ongoing series of articles explaining why the WWII German military invaded the countries it did, in this issue John Wear explains why Hitler was forced to send troops into Greece and the Balkans


BY DR. EDWARD DEVRIES During WWII, the Germans and Japanese came up with multiple “wonder weapons.” One of Japan’s contributions to this list was the Sen Toku-class aircraft carrier submarine.


BY THOMAS GOODRICH Effective propaganda is a vital part of any war effort, and World War II was no different. Due to the efforts of U.S. propagandists, our soldiers were brainwashed to believe that all Japanese were sub-human monsters.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. In our September/October 2018 edition, TBR discussed the farcical Einsatzgruppen Trials. In this issue, we take a closer look at the operations of the Einsatzgruppen itself, and the alleged “Holocaust by bullets.”


BY ANTONIUS J. PATRICK Fr. Denis Fahey was a fierce anti-Communist Catholic cleric who was well aware of the monstrosity known as Bolshevik Russia. In 1938, he penned a book about the unrelenting persecution of Russian farmers.


INTERVIEW WITH LADY MICHELE RENOUF Arrested several years ago for impromptu statements made at a commemoration rally for those massacred in Dresden, Lady Michele Renouf saw all charges dropped. Why?


BY RÉMI TREMBLAY His is a name few remember, but his effect upon Canadian politics was significant. Historian Rémi Tremblay gives us a better look at populist Anaclet Chalifoux.


BY MARC ROLAND Over the years, TBR has explored many inexplicable megalithic formations from Stonehenge to Gobekli Tepe and more. The “Split Rock,” however, is one of the simplest and most enduring of megalithic mysteries.

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