TBR on the Daily Traditionalist

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TBR was again a guest on Matt Heimbach’s Daily Traditionalist podcast series. His guest was TBR’s Senior Researcher, Matthew Raphael Johnson from The Orthodox Nationalist. They begin their discussion by going over how we need to begin forming a subcultural identity for the nationalist movement. We have a variety of divided factions and as the late, great Dr. William Pierce said “We do not have a movement, what we we have is a group of personalities.” The solution to this problem is to follow the example of European nationalism and bring together various groups and leaders in order to agree on some core principles that will bring about a united front.

Dr. Johnson was able to attend a meeting in Pittsburgh of The Right Stuff webforum. He was encouraged to see how many young professionals are joining the Alt-Right and other branches of nationalism. There are many reasons to be optimistic: from Putin in Russia to Trump in the US, things are changing rapidly. What was yesterday considered “extreme” is becoming the idea of choice for young, white Americans.

Finding common ground is the key to building a true movement and Dr. Johnson suggests that people who disagree with one another or have a beef should learn how to pick up the phone and talk out these issues, instead of holding onto them like a childhood grudge. If our people are our primary concern, ego and factionalism must be checked at the door in the spirit of folkish unity.

Dr. Johnson also mentions how class cooperation must inevitably involved the rich and wealthy investing in our organizations and requires getting over any sense of classism. Class cooperation, gender cooperation and subcultural cooperation are the cornerstones of a healthy nationalist movement and a healthy nation.