AFPs John Friend on Nationalist Radio

Matt Heimbach and John Friend have a conversation about race in the 2016 election cycle. In California, the local Republican Party has thrown itself behind “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” as a way to stop the rise of Donald Trump. At the rally there were protesters, some pro-Trump and others anti-Cruz but the event was overall low energy, the opposite of what happens at Donald Trump rallies.

The upcoming RNC Convention in Cleveland is shaping up to be one of the most important political events in recent American history. Black Lives Matter, antifascist groups, Tea Party organizations and Donald Trump supporters are all planning on descending upon Cleveland and we are looking at a possible repeat of the civil disorder that was found in the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

John Friend as a correspondent for America’s last free newspaper, American Free Press, will be covering the convention and of course the Traditionalist Worker Party is planning to be at the event to show the White working class that while the Republican Establishment hates and betrays them, they have another political choice that will actually fight for their best interests.

Matt and John go on to discuss how globalism uses young American men as cannon fodder in their endless wars and how Donald Trump and a growing number of White Americans are tired of endless war and interventions and instead want an “America First” foreign policy.

Voter fraud today in the United States was discussed, along with how in Europe they use paper ballots instead of globalist controlled companies like Premier Election Solutions, formerly known as Diebold Election Systems, that have been shown to have voter fraud and can be easily hacked. In America we are told that while you have to use a government issued ID to buy beer, get on a plane or purchase a firearm, the far Left have pushed back against all attempted Voter ID laws in the country, in order to further White displacement at the polls and empower illegal immigrants.

The show came to an end discussing how the corrupt media, sellout politicians and multinational corporations create an “unholy Trinity” in hiding the Truth from the people they say they are representing. Creating alternative media and standing for Truth is a revolutionary act in the modern age and it is up to Nationalists to present the Truth whenever possible.