Thoughts on the “Pulse” Massacre


Nothing about the shootings in Orlando on June 12 make sense. As is normal for these kinds of massacres, the media immediately — and often without question — impose a mythos on events. They tell us the meaning, purpose, agenda and appropriate reaction to these. Shootings and killings like this create a population constantly in fear, constantly off balance and easily impressionable.

Matthew Raphael Johnson’s latest podcast leaves his normal Russian or nationalist area and goes into current events on this issue. This massacre it is connected to broader issues, especially the arcane and esoteric background of homosexuality and the roots of male-bashing in the US. Johnson connects the hysteria over Brock Turner — the Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault — and the Pulse attack. The man, killed in a shootout immediately afterwards, claimed to be an ISIS supporter. We know that ISIS is an elite-funded organization financed by the US.

It is highly suspicious that the media knew the identity of the shooter  and quickly ruled out any accomplices. The media immediately knew the forms of weapons used and the alleged “motive” for the massacre.
Further, the “crisis actors” are very bad in this, with plenty of wiping away non-existent tears. These “parents” of the murdered are far too coherent to be legitimate. Normally,  grieving parents don’t immediately go in front of cameras. Worse, they all use gun-control talking points without fail, as do all the media reports. This massacre has certainly tapped the “pulse” of the nation.

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