One Man’s Journey to ‘Holocaust Denial’

By Ray Goodwin, How does one go from believing the world is flat to accepting that it is really round? How does one cast off decades of what is assumed to be “gospel” and develop an entirely opposite worldview? And how does a layman resist and overcome the calumny associated with the acceptance and espousing of a very different and unpopular viewpoint?

After all, many honest academics and others have lost their jobs and had their livelihoods ruined because they dared to openly question the “holocaust of the Jews” story. Unlike all other historical events, this is one that has been deemed “beyond question” and “beyond debate.” Who has deemed it so and why? That is what you need to know, that you might understand just why this subject is so sacred and unapproachable by honest research.


The following account is an attempt by one who dared to be like Dorothy of Kansas and decided to stymie the fear of a booming voice of “Oz” and to pull back the curtain—and reveal that the tremendous voice and godlike image that had all the people in fear was not a god at all, but a little old white-haired man with a megaphone. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from

The Barnes Review, September/October 2007: No Way Hitler Escaped the Bunker


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