The Orthodox Nationalist: Civic Activism in an Age of Depravity

In this episode of the Orthodox Nationalist, Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the assumptions we make when voting and the implications of doing so in this age of depravity. The media sponsored hatred spewed forth from the American media shows that civic debate is long dead.

All historical artifacts come with a set of assumptions, things that their authors assumed their readers would know as they begin reading or observing. In the US, the Constitution is no different as it contains a host of assumptions and implications that, unfortunately, no longer exist.

The Constitution of the US is not relevant to modern life because it’s authors could not have ever pictured this level of centralization and depravity. A depravity which has now become a way of life and is currently seen as “socially acceptable.”

One of the most important insights any historian can have, is into the radical separation in word meanings. Even just 40 years ago words did not mean the same things or have the same connotations as they do today and this is even worse for ancient translations. “World,” “law” and “family” to name but three, have seen their meanings change so radically as to require a specialized study in itself.

More on this subject is covered in Dr Johnson’s essay “The Regime: Usury, Khazaria and the American Mass” — “Those with power are not stupid enough to have [their agenda as] a matter of public record or discussion. Power is economic, or more specifically, the ability to promise satisfaction to the passions of the mass. Corporate America has more coercive power than the Egyptian Pharaoh could have ever hoped to amass. Yet, they are not seen as capable of oppression, since governments alone are so capable.”