National Socialism in Bulgaria and Moldova

The simple fact is that the New World Order is not all-powerful. They are made up of deeply flawed, albeit wealthy, men and women that have become far too used to not hearing from any real opposition. In China, Iran, Syria, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, the Philippines, the US and as of yesterday, Bulgaria and Moldova, this opposition has defeated the oligarchs.

The oligarchs today are weak, their institutions are deeply in debt and the world’s banks are also in serious trouble. The US military, nothing more than a mercenary army for Goldman-Sachs, is overstretched, exhausted and deserting in ever increasing numbers. In reaction to this various parties around the world are now pivoting toward a Nationalist stance and the political platforms of the Socialist Parties of Bulgaria and Moldova are explicitly National Socialist or “Patriotic” socialist. For example the Moldavian Socialist Party’s platform in Moldova says this:

“The faith of the Orthodox is one of the pillars of the identity of the Moldovan tradition and we consider it as imperative to retain it as a moral support of society, of the shield against the the spread of faggotry (педерастией), pedophilia and other sexual perversions as well as a bulwark against the degradation of the spiritual and moral state of the youth” (Russian translation by Dr Johnson).

The President elect of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has said this:

Americans have elected a strong president, a conservative proponent of Christian values, advocating friendly relations with Russia. Trump’s victory has led liberal American citizens to riot, which [continues to erode] the foundations of American society. Americans understand the need to preserve the values and traditions of their land and the need to promote a less-aggressive policy in the world, especially as concerns Russia.

Victory is in sight, but one fear is that we do not have enough people, institutions or stability to take proper advantage of the situation. The sad case is that we do not. A group of misfits around a handful of intellectuals is not a movement, but that’s what we have to work with at the moment. God help us.