The Destiny of America

By Francis Parker Yockey. Francis Parker Yockey is well known for his tome Imperium, written under his pseudonym Ulick Varange. Much has been said about this massive work, subtitled The Philosophy of History and Politics Imperium. With the rise of Zionist power across the globe, and with America entrenched in a no-win bloody war in Iraq (fought only to protect and aid Israel in her conquest of the region), its pertinence will be as obvious to TBR readers as its frankness may be shocking to the politically correct.


The early American arrived at a land of which he knew nothing. He did not know its geography, its fertility, its climate, and its dangers. In the north, he encountered forests, rocky soil and winters of a rigor he had not known before. In the south, he met with swamps, malaria and dense forests. Everywhere he encountered the hostile savage with his scalping knife and his warfare against women and children. In little groups, these early Americans cleared the forests and built homes and forts. The men plowed the fields with rifles slung over their shoulders, and in the house, the wife went about her duties with a loaded weapon near at hand. There were ships to and from Europe, and the colonials could have left their hardships and gone back, but they would not admit defeat. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from
The Barnes Review, January/February 2005: Francis Parker Yockey