TBR on The Daily Traditionalist


TBR was represented again by its Senior Researcher Matthew Raphael Johnson on the Daily Traditionalist, the daily radio show of Matthew Heimbach, founder of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. After several requests from listeners to discuss this topic, Dr. Johnson and Matthew discuss the ideology of Dr. Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian thinker, author and political activist on May 17 2016. The writings and speeches of Dr. Dugin have been hugely influential in Russia, Europe and to the Traditionalist Worker Party in the United States.

Dr. Johnson and Matt discuss the idea of viewing history as being defined by civilizations. Families are part of communities, communities are part of nations and nations are a part of civilizations. The main topic of both discussions is the idea of an Atlanticist civilization that is liberal, radically individualist, imperialist and mercantile versus a Eurasian civilization that is traditional, communal, nationalist and communal.

Matt brings up the suggestion that Nationalists and Traditionalists identify with Dr. Dugin, his philosophy and modern Russia, because the Eurasian civilization exemplifies the Traditional worldview and society of Europe, prior to the influences of liberalism, Freemasonry, imperialism and financial interests.

When you peel back the layers of civilization, East and West share a common origin, based upon the pre-schism Church and the civilization based in Rome. As the West fell to liberalism, Byzantium and then Moscow became the Second and Third Rome, respectively. These communal civilizations and ethnic communities maintained and grew the ideas of Faith, Family and Folk as we in the West were plagued by the Judeo-Masonic alliance.

In Russia, the great tragedies of the 20th century came when Russia tried to become “Westernized” which was simply a code-word for uniting with the mercantile interests of the West. When Dr. Dugin and others denounce “The West” they are not speaking about the people of the West or our organic culture, only the liberal elites who have seized control in these regions.

Matt and Dr. Johnson discuss how those of us who are Nationalists and Traditionalists can serve as a virus within the host of Western liberalism and can unite with Eurasianists and Traditionalists from around the globe to fight liberalism and the Atlanticist ideology that is looking to export itself to the entire globe.

To be a Nationalist in the West is to have a spirit of the Eurasian civilization within you, to be communal and traditionalist; therefore we should work also with those others who are resisting liberalism around the globe.

Dr. Johnson and Matt finish up the show by talking about certain quotes from Dr. Dugin where he said he would support White Nationalists in America as long as we are not racial supremacists and as long as we reject the imperialism and mercantile spirit of the liberal elites. Nationalists are those who reject the Western liberal paradigm and instead want to promote a world in which each nation, culture and religion can be free and sovereign in their own land.