TBR History Hour, May 1, 2020 – On Reading AFP…

TBR History Hour May 1, 2020 –

“Reading AFP puts the world into perspective”

TBR History Hour with Dr. Ed DeVries

The show opens with Judge Andrew Napolitano asking what would happen if the Constitution had been eliminated and Americans woke up in a totalitarian State?

Then Dr. Ed walks us through the upcoming issue of American Free Press newspaper, which has done an excellent job of putting all of the news and issues related to the coronavirus, the economic collapse, circulating conspiracy theories etc. into very clear perspective.

Also discussed is AFP Editor Christopher Petherick’s excellent reminder that even when we get frustrated with President Trump, what will America look like if Democrats win in November?

Judge Napolitano closes the show explaining why all of the executive orders being handed down by governors and mayors are merely suggestions because they are not and cannot stand up in court. In short, they are illegal, as long as we still do have a Constitution.

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