TBR History Hour, ApriI 24, 2020 – Lt. Col. Edwin Kennedy

TBR History Hour with Dr. Ed DeVries

Dr. Ed calls Lt. Col. Edwin Kennedy, retired professor of military history at the Army Staff College to talk about General Patton’s WWII raid on the German town of Hammelburg.

The target in Hammelburg was POW camp #13 which was the inspiration for Stalag 13 in the TV show Hogan’s Heroes.

The guest explains how Allied POWs were not intentionally mistreated by the Germans. Any actions of neglect were due to lack of supplies and not intentional mistreatment or war crimes by the Germans toward their prisoners.

Most of the war crimes toward the Germans were done by the Russians and most Americans preferred to be captured by or surrendered to the Americans rather than the Russians.

Also discussed is why the guest believes that China engineered Covid-19 as a biological weapon. How China may have used it to take out a US aircraft carrier. Why the guest believes that China is an uncivilized country that would not blink at using such a barbaric means as biological warfare. And why he believes that the Chinese have an antidote but they are secretly hiding it from the world.

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