SIODEBAR: Early Mexican History

SIODEBAR: Early Mexican History

After the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs in 1521, their new colony, which we would call Mexico but they preferred to call New Spain or Nueva España, grew to include Guatemala, most of Central America and the future Southwest United States. Spain would rule this colony for almost 300 years, extracting vast amounts of gold and some silver from the conquered people.

The precious metal proved as much of a curse as a blessing, as unwise Spanish leaders quickly squandered it and then turned to the bankers for interest-bearing loans to fight needless wars, taking Spain from wealth to debt servitude.

In 1810, Mexico revolted under Jose Maria Morelos and a priest named Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Estimates say the native population shrank from 10 or 12 million in 1521 to about 1 million by 1650, thanks mainly to measles and smallpox, to which the native Indians had no immunity.

Spain alienated not only the Indians but also the native-born White people, favoring Spanish-born men for plum government positions in Mexico. Also, taxes were ruinously high. Still, Mexicans remained loyal until Napoleon conquered Spain and put the king in prison. Mexicans concluded the only thing to do was to declare a limited independence so as not to be ruled by France, hoping that the Spanish royals would be restored someday, and then things could go back to what Mexican monarchists considered normal.

SIDEBAR: The Anarchic Political Quagmire That Is Mexico Today

By John Tiffany

Back in 1938, U.S. journalist George Creel wrote: “Our southern neighbor, harried by debt and mismanagement, is plunging toward chaos. Only the United States can save her.” Actually this has been the history of Mexico since the fall of the benevolent Christian Emperor Maximilian and the rise of the often Red-leaning mestizo ruling class, and it has only gotten worse. With America following the same path to ruination, it is highly questionable whether we can or should continue to bail out our hostile neighbor.

Mexico has been taking advantage of America for decades by manipulating our pathological gullibility and generosity, sending millions of its own unwanted population across the border to leach off of our welfare system and vote Democratic. The “drug trade,” fueled by America’s insatiable demand for illegal drugs and marijuana, has led to the rise of ruthless crime cartels that have terrorized the good people of northern Mexico and the United States. Readers will recall the discovery of the burned bodies of 28 student protesters just outside the city center of Iguala, Mexico in 2014—kids who went missing after a protest over hiring practices at the Ayotzinapa Normal School turned violent and policemen opened fire on the demonstrators.

Corrupt cops arrested and took away a number of students, never too be seen alive again. At other times, Mexicans crossing the border have killed law-abiding U.S. citizens. In Mexico itself, law enforcement officers have been beheaded by the drug crime mobs. Ann Coulter in her book Adios, America reported how criminal Edgar Jimenez Lugo, a U.S. citizen and “anchor baby” originating in Mexico, beheaded four men and hung their bodies off a bridge south of Mexico City. U.S. officials were unable to stop him from re-entering America after serving less than three years in a Mexican prison, because he was born in San Diego to an illegal alien mother.

“[O]ur anchor baby policy is based on the mental delusions of one Supreme Court justice [Walter Brennan],” she wrote. Illegal immigration—mainly from anarchic Mexico—is crushing America. The mass media is helping the leftists cover up Mexico’s crimes, including beheadings. Coulter warns that the practice has been going on in Mexico for years, and has now crossed into the United States. Strangely the press focuses exclusively on Muslim beheadings. Coulter says supposed videos of beheadings in the Middle East in fact have taken place in Mexico. 

Notorious murderer Lugo is now believed to be living in Texas.

One can only wonder what Mexico today would be like if it had remained under European rule.

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