Sea Venture: The Ship that Saved America

By John Tiffany. A little ship called the Sea Venture, although wrecked on the way to America, played a key role in saving the Jamestown colony from extinction and laying a claim for England to the isles of Bermuda. But first she and the other tiny boats with which she sailed had to survive what some scholars surmise was a category five hurricane.

jamestown-landing1They say America, in the sense of the United States, was planned some 400 years ago by Sir Francis Bacon. He surely had information from the European Templars, who evidently had been in America going back to the 14th century or earlier, and possibly, indirectly, from others such as the Phoenicians, who were here around 450 B.C. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from

The Barnes Review, May/June 2013: The Sharp Sword of Spanish Revisionism