The Story of the Nations: Canada


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Here is the uncensored history of Canada without the political correctness.

Written in 1896 by Sir John G. Bourinot, the book covers the dominion of Canada from ocean to ocean, the dawn of discovery in Canada from 1497 to 1525; how a Breton sailor discovers Canada and its great river system (1534-1536), the period from Jacques Cartier to Dugua De Monts (1540-1603); the period of French occupation of Acadia and the foundation of Port Royal (1608-1635); the gentlemen adventurers in Acadia (1614-1677); the Canadian Indians and the Iroquois— their organization, character and customs; convents and hospitals, Ville Marie, martyred missionaries, the victorious Iroquois, the hapless Hurons (1635-1652); the years of gloom, the king comes to the rescue of Canada, the humbling of the Iroquois (1652-1667); Canada as a royal province, church and state (1603-1759); the period of exploration and discovery—priests, fur traders and Coureurs de Bois in the West (1634-1687); France in the Valley of the Mississippi (1672-1687); Canada and Acadia—from Frontenac to the Treaty of Utrecht (1672-1715); Acadia and Ile Royale—from the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1713-1748); the prelude for the struggle for dominion in the great valleys of North America (1748-1756); English reverses and French victories, the fall of Louisburg and Fort Duquesne (1756-1758); the struggle for the Valley of the St. Lawrence, Canada won by Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham (1759-1763); a period of transition, Pontiac’s War, the Quebec Act (1760-1774); the American Revolution, the invasion of Canada, the death of Montgomery (1774-1783); the coming of the Loyalists (1783-1791); foundation of the new provinces and the establishment of representative institutions (1792-1812); the War of 1812; patriotism of the Canadians grows; political strife and rebellion (1815- 1840); responsible government and its results, the Federal Union, relations between the United States and Canada (1839-1867); the end of the rule of the fur traders, acquisition of the Northwest, the formation of Manitoba, Riel’s Rebellions—the Indians (1670-1885); British Columbia and Prince Edward Island enter the Union, national events since 1867, makers of the Dominion (1867-1891); Canada as a nation, material and intellectual development, political rights; the desires of French Canada.

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