The Story of the Nations: Holland



Here is the rich and complex history of Holland, written in 1889 by James E. Thorold Rogers.

Contains chapters on the early days of Holland, Hooks, Kabeljauws, chartered towns, the Cru sades, rise of the guilds, the House of Burgundy, development of fisheries, insurrection, Charles the Headstrong, the battle against the Swiss, the arts in Holland, Mary of Burgundy, chastisement of Ghent, the prince of Orange, the crimes of Charles, ascension of Philip of Spain, the Nassaus, the Blood Council, Alva, abolition of the Inquisition, Requesens, allies of Holland, Don John of Austria, Alexander of Parma, the Union of Ubrecht, William the Silent, Henry III and Elis- abeth, Antwerp and the Armada, international intrigue, the last years of Parma, Maurice, the capture of Cadiz, exploration and financial development in the Dutch Indies, Nieuwpoort, Spinola, East India Co., Heemskerk, Bank of Amsterdam, England vs. Holland, Thirty Years War, war with Cromwell, John de Witt, War of 1672, the peace of Nimeguen, English revolution, War of 1689, Peace of Ryswick, Treaty of Utrecht, Pragmatic Sanction, William IV, Stadtholder, the American Revolution, War of 1781, creation of the monarchy, civil war, occupation by France, achievements in learning, international services of Holland, index, appendices, famous Hollanders, 17 illustrations, genealogy.

Softcover, 416 pages, #880