The Story of the Nations: Switzerland



Here is the history of the mountain nation of Switzerland, written in 1890 by Lina Hug.

Includes detailed information on Switzerland’s cantons, early people, Helvetians, Orgetorix, Divico, Verc- ingetorix, Valisians, Rhaetians, Helvetia, Gaul, Vespasian, Alemanni, Christianity, Huns, Nibelungenlied, Pepin le Bref, Burgundy, Germans, Swabian dukes, Bertha the Spinning Queen, Conrad, Henry III, struggle with the pope, House of Zaeringen, Crusades, Kyburg Dynasty, Hohenstaufen, Habsburgs, Eidgenossenschaft, Waldstätten, William Tell, Albrecht, Austrian defeat, League of Eight States, Zurich, Zug, Bern, the Lady Abbess, Bern vs. the nobility, Laupen, West Swiss Union, Sempach and Naefels, Leopold III, Winkelried, Burgundian wars, Charles the Bold, Louis XI, Battle of Grandson, Morat, Siege of Nancy, meeting at Stanz, Freiburg, Solothurnam, Waldmann, League of the 13 Cantons, St. Gall, Schaffhausen, Battle of Marignanao, Great Councils, Land gemeinde, Luther and Zwingli, Bonivard, Savoy, St. Julien, Geneva and Calvin, Consistoire, Borromeo, Escalade of Geneva, Thirty Years’ War, Jenatsch, Peasants Revolt, Davel’s plot, Greifensee massacre, Swiss Guard massacred, Helvetic Society, Lemanic Republic, Mediation Act, Rengger, Stapfer, the “Long Diet,” Consti- tution of 1815-1848, Day of Uster, Constitution of 1848, industry, commerce, railways, education, more.

Softcover, 450 pages, genealogies, illustrations, index, #882