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Personal From the Editor 


Readers of THE BARNES REVIEW are probably more educated than subscribers of any other publication in the world about the conditions in WWII “concentration camps.” Yes, you are certified experts by now. As you know, then, TBR’s take on that subject is quite different from that which you will find on cable history channels, mainstream memoirs or in the thousands of books written on the subject over the past 75 years. So, instead of talking more about that in this issue, we decided to concentrate on some other, lesser publicized camps.

These include ones in the Soviet Union, Canadian WWII camps and U.S. POW camps run during the War Between the States. In our lead article, starting on page 4, we cover the fascinating and inspiring life of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Once a dedicated Bolshevik, it did not take the great literary genius long to discover the true nature of Bolshevism and Communism. Solzhenitsyn was once an up-and-coming teacher in the USSR. One letter critical of the Soviet regime, written to a friend, however, turned his life upside down. Thrown in a work camp in the Soviet Gulag—with conditions harsher than anything a survivor of any of Nazi Germany’s work camps could invent in his wildest imagination—Solzhenitsyn survived freezing temperatures, back- breaking labor and even cancer. Once released from the Gulag after successful “rehabilitation,” Solzhenitsyn began exposing the horrid conditions inside those camps for the world to see.

His book Gulag Archipelago frankly discussed the cruel, inhumane and quite often fatal nature of the Soviet Gulag system. This included working on massive construction projects in Siberian temperatures that sometimes plummeted to 75 degrees below zero, starvation rations, rags for clothes, frostbite, beatings, torture, psychological torment and worse. A sudden change in regimes in the USSR put him back on the wrong side of his rulers once again, and he was exiled to the West. The day he was informed of his impending banishment, he wrote an essay explaining why it is so important for all people of good conscience to reject lies permeating every part of our lives. See his message to all of us starting on page 12.

This issue we also offer the story of Camillien Houde, once the popular populist mayor of Montreal who made the “mistake” of denouncing forced conscription. Canada, though ostensibly independent, was looked upon by the British empire as a perfect place for the cannon fodder it needed for its European wars. For pointing this out, Houde was hustled off to a concentration camp for those considered enemies of the state. (See page 16.) We also offer you articles on America’s own concentration camp holocaust and yet another piece exposing the latest attempt by Holocaust hucksters to bilk money out of new “marks”—this time the IBM company—for the alleged mass murder of millions of Jews during WWII. There’s lots more in this issue covering a wide range of intriguing historical topics, so start turning some pages!

❖ —PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

Barnes Review Editorial


T hank the gods of the woke left! In one decisive move, politically correct culture-munchers have saved Western civilization from sure destruction. How did they accomplish this? They have re- invented Mr. Potato Head. He’s too radical, this gender ambiguous anthropomorphic plastic vegetable toy for children. Evidently the “Mr.” in Mr. Potato Head is offensive after 70 years on the market. According to prominent toymaker Hasbro, Mr. Potato Head has been “reimagined for the modern consumer,” doubtful though it is that five-year-old children had anything to do with his “reimagining.”

For the future, I might make one suggestion. Hasbro should include both male and female outfits for the tubby tuber and provide interchangeable genitalia so that the new Potato Head can be a woman whenever the mood strikes him and a male if he/she so chooses tomorrow, gender fluidity being the “in thing” of the “New Left” of the 21st century. But wait: Hasbro has already thought of this. According to toy executives, “Hasbro is making sure all feel welcome in the Potato Head world by officially dropping the Mr. from the Mr. Potato Head brand name and logo to promote gender equality and inclusion.” In addition, the toy manufacturing giant has also launched a “Create Your Potato Head Family” kit with “two potato parents and a potato baby.”

The video praising the kit said it was for “modern families” and thus will feature “a variety of family makeups, including with same-sex potato parents.” Interestingly, ever-tolerant White people never objected to the original Mr. Potato Head, who was obviously not strictly a Caucasian, having a skin tone not necessarily possessed by fair- skinned people who do not regularly visit a tanning salon. But altering Mr. Potato Head into a modern-day politically correct incarnation is not the only grand solution the left has proposed to save the world.

They have a very aggressive agenda designed to rescue us from a multitude of deadly problems and, evidently, they from us. According to recent polls, conservatives are most worried about illegal immigration, loss of free speech, draconian gun legislation, the economic impact of Covid-19 and losing a job due to their political affiliation. And what are liberals most concerned about? Around 70% are most worried about (drumroll, please) Donald Trump supporters. They are so panicked about the 75 million (or more) Trump voters that pundits on at least one far-left cable news network have broached the idea of using military-style drones to assassinate them as “domestic terror threats.”

I kid you not. Deluded host Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC—once a communications director for George W. Bush—during a discussion of the U.S. Capitol riot of January 6, 2021, said: “But my question for you is around incitement. We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root. Of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar Awlaki, an American … with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism.”

MSNBC tried to reinterpret her words, but her meaning was clear: Should Trump supporters get out of line again, the U.S. military ought to consider drone-striking them. In addition, several years ago, a staffer for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders thought it might be a good idea to use the “guillotine” on wealthy ones, according to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. But what about people (Republicans) who aren’t rich? Martin Weissgerber, a Bernie Sanders field organizer in South Carolina, offers this solution “What will help is when we send all Republicans to re-education camps, ” i.e., gulags. As for other Bolshevik-style remedies to deal with anyone who disagrees with them, yet another radical neo-Bolshevik, Sanders aide Mason Baird, was caught suggesting that, “After we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them. … That’s my feeling. I think that’s damaging to the soul … but there were plenty of excesses in 1917 [the year of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia] that I would hope to avoid.”

Thank goodness he has such a humongous heart. One would think that this kind of talk is limited to employees of Sen. Sanders, but it is all over the online forums that leftists use these days to communicate their thoughts. And we haven’t even mentioned Antifa, who the FBI and Democratic politicians refuse to admit is anything more than an “ideology,” an ideology being nothing more than ideals, principles, doctrines, a creed or a dogma. Ask the few conservatives left in Portland, Oregon whether it is an ideology burning their businesses or laying siege to federal buildings and they will tell you it is real people, not an idea, throwing those Molotov cocktails through the plate-glass windows of their clothing stores and coffee shops.

I am afraid we are in for a real battle in the coming years. The radical left wants us dangerous conservatives neutered, disarmed, gagged, quarantined, imprisoned in gulags, guillotined or eradicated with drones. The political pendulum can’t swing much further to the left, so we hope that sanity is restored and it swings back to the right (or even the middle). The only way to do that is to educate people about the dangers of neo-Bolshevism. It’s also important to have a simple plan to counteract their lies and their all-too-familiar rhetoric. For this I direct you to page 12 of this issue of TBR and the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a man who knew well the dangers associated with leftism and the importance of truth in combatting it.

❖ —PAUL ANGEL, Executive Editor

The Barnes Review





BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. TBR has in the past focused on the works of Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. In this issue, we bring you an article focusing on his life from devoted Bolshevik to a prisoner in the Soviet Gulag to a warrior for the truth admired by millions of people around the globe.


BY ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN  On the day he was banished from the Soviet Union, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn penned a piece explaining the importance of rejecting lies. This is extremely vital advice for those of us who realize that nearly all of what the news media, intelligence agencies, politicians and social justice warriors are telling us is a fantastical fairy tale fabrication.


BY RÉMI TREMBLAY We all know that German, Italian and Ja- panese citizens were incarcerated in con- centration camps in America during WWII. But here is the little-known tale of the French Ca- nadian mayor of Montreal who suffered the same fate—but this time in Canada.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. In the 1930s, IBM developed a cutting- edge punch-card system designed to cap- ture data about a variety of subjects—a fore- runner of today’s computers. Now IBM is being accused of participating in “the Holocaust.”


BY JETT RUCKER The United States would never orches- trate a “holocaust” against its own people, right? You may be surprised to find out that Civil War prison camps were as deadly as even the worst concentration camps of WWII.


BY CLINT LACY The South started the Civil War by firing on South Carolina’s Fort Sumter, or so we have all been taught in school. But was the South conned into the calamitous attack?


BY STEPHEN DILL LEE Why bother putting up monuments to traitors? Instead, they should all be pulled down, or so say the politically correct historical gatekeepers of today. The truth is, the Southern soldier deserves to be honored—forever.


BY THOMAS GOODRICH Fighting Indians on the High Plains in the late 1800s was difficult for U.S. of- ficers and soldiers. But what we often fail to mention is the hardships faced by the wives and sweethearts these men left behind. They couldn’t always shelter in a frontier fort.


BY PATRICK CHOUINARD Ridiculed by critics as crackpots, those Third Reich archeologists looking for ancient Aryans in Tibet and South America were actually far ahead of their times.


BY MARC ROLAND  The Nazca lines are famous, covered often in shows on cable TV. Is there anything new to say? Surprisingly, yes.


BY ANTONIUS J. PATRICK We moderns think our political systems are so advanced, scoffing at the era of the Middle Ages as backwards in comparison. Truth is, however, they had much to teach us.

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