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Personal From the Editor 


Honest history: It tells you everything you need to know about the past, the present, and even the future. Over the past year, TBR has brought you many articles on historical events we think relate directly to what we see happening across the world right now. Most particularly, there are many parallels between the events being witnessed in America and the West—left-wing and racial violence, riots, rising crime, attacks against Christianity, the rise of anarchist and socialist movements, suppression of free speech, attempts to divide the populace by class and race etc—and historical affairs of the past.

This includes our articles on: the Bolshevik revolution and those behind it; the Communist period of Christian persecution in “Red Mexico”; the Spanish civil war, which pitted atheistic Communists vs. Christian nationalists; the French Revolution, during which the Church was blamed for the ills of the state; the left-wing violence that occurred in Canada during its bout with anarchy in the 1960s and 1970s; and many more. We have also discussed the only successful insurrection in American history—a rebellion against Reconstruction.

As we addressed in the November/December 2021 issue, in an article entitled “Carolina Coup,” the persecuted White populace of Wilmington, North Carolina (and many Southern cities) had experienced enough of Northern Reconstruction. Rapes and murders against Southern civilians went unpunished. Former slaves and truculent outsiders were put in charge. The political system ensured that vindictive and hostile politicians—determined to clobber Southerners into submission—ruled over a populace it still considered the enemy. But some Southerners said, “We will not comply” and united for their rights and their future.

The “Red Shirt” insurrection reminded me that we ourselves live in a modern age of Reconstruction. Reconstruction was actually the attempted destruction of Southern culture. Back then, 1860s’ Marxists decided they were going to “transform” the defeated Confederacy. It was “too evil, too racist, too selfish, too rotten.” Today, we hear the same thing from the woke radicals who vow to transform the entire United States, not just the South, into a neo-Bolshevik, politically correct, gender-neutral utopia—this while we witness the state-sponsored denigration of our Western heritage, our values, our religious beliefs and our laws. This left-wing, state-tolerated, anti-culture terrorism is ignored— even encouraged—by the kleptocratic left-wing elite running America’s 21st-century American Reconstruction.

The vilification of Whites as the cause of social and economic dissatisfaction continues now, as it did then, as does the media incitement of the populace. But there does come a breaking point, as Assistant Editor John Friend makes clear in his editorial on the facing page. A time arrives when people of good conscience must say—as they did across the South after enduring years of intolerable societal “reconstruction”—“We will no longer comply.” On page 20, we offer the conclusion to our story about the rarely discussed Southern rebellion against Reconstruction and its consequences.

Barnes Review Editorial


For the second year in a row, the most pressing issue confronting the world as we hit 2022 remains the tyrannical policies and agendas pursued by the global power elite as a result of the Covid-19 “pandemic,” which has become obviously more of a politically and media manufactured crisis rather than a genuine medical or public health crisis. The fake news media have worked hand-in-hand with the political and medical establishments in advancing the official narrative regarding the “pandemic” using talking points straight from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as well as globalist think tanks and institutions such as the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The coordinated worldwide response, at least in the Western world, demonstrates the reality of the global Deep State, whose agents and stooges appear to be solidly in power. As THE BARNES REVIEW goes to press, a new strain of the culprit, dubbed the Omicron variant, is making headlines, as media outlets and politicians work their hardest to instill fear, paranoia and division in the populace, a common theme throughout the course of this unending “pandemic.”

Updated mandates are being discussed and implemented in various jurisdictions around the United States and throughout the world. Local, state, and regional officials are announcing dehumanizing face mask policies, proof of vaccination, constant health screenings and other legally dubious dictates. These are clear overreaches into the lives of citizens who just want to participate in society without having to cover their faces or be jabbed with a substance about which they have well-founded doubts. Incredibly, those demonized and denounced as wild-eyed “conspiracy theorists” at the beginning of the hyped “pandemic” have proven to be largely correct in their predictions and warnings.

Those who warned compulsory vaccinations, vaccine passports and reoccurring lockdowns were coming were dismissed by “serious, responsible citizens” who blindly put their faith and trust in public health “experts” and politicians, all of whom have proven to be completely in the pocket of Big Pharma and the globalist technocrats advancing their Great Reset agenda. One of the most bizarre and truly frightening aspects of this entire nearly two-year long Police State Pandemic is the systematic and incessant promotion of Covid-19 vaccines, which were rushed into production and subsidized by the Donald Trump administration to the tune of billions of dollars via Operation Warp Speed.

The Joe Biden administration likewise continues to funnel billions of dollars into the pockets of the large international pharmaceutical companies to this day, while most politicians, doctors, and public health experts all repeat the same mantra: “The vaccines are safe and effective. They are the only way to end the pandemic.” Alternative, independent journalists, doctors and investigators have demonstrated that the various Covid19 vaccines, including the mRNA “miracle” vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer, are, in fact, not safe for everyone. For others, they are ineffective. The mainstream political and media establishment knew long ago that the vaccines would do nothing to stop the spread of Covid-19 and should have admitted it. This is shown by the number of vaccinated people who are testing positive, albeit by a proveably flawed polymerase chain reaction test.

Yet that does not stop the 24/7 propaganda-push promoting vaccines, which now also includes the targeting of small children. Countless citizens across the world have been pushed to the brink and are saying “I do not comply!” to the agenda of the self-appointed technocratic overlords. Mass numbers of people from Australia to Austria to New York are taking to the streets and resisting. Vaccine hesitancy and outright civil disobedience are becoming more commonplace, as average people connect the dots between purported “health crises” and the implementation of the Orwellian New World Order Great Reset. They are catching on. That is the silver lining as we enter 2022, and can be the rallying cry for all those concerned about true freedom and bodily autonomy.

It is time for concerned citizens to ignore the dictates and mandates proffered by the stooges of the global power elites. “I do not comply” must be the straightforward and commonsense response to the transparently totalitarian and freedom ending policies that have been and continue to be championed by virtually the entire political establishment. It is time to radically change the conversation about public health in America, particularly as it relates to Covid-19, which, according to CDC statistics, 99% of people recover from naturally. The “experts” have no interest in changing anything, however, as their systematic promotion of vaccines and other Bolshevik-style public policies are at the heart of the advancement of the New World Order. Recognizing these basic facts and simply not complying are the duty of every freedom loving patriot the world over.

—JOHN FRIEND, Assistant Editor

The Barnes Review





BY ARTHUR KEMP  Historian Arthur Kemp provides some key details and background surrounding the Second Anglo-Boer War before quoting extensively from the memoirs of some of the key figures who participated in that conflict, revealing their motivations and determination to live free of British rule.


BY THOMAS GOODRICH  Author Tom Goodrich offers a glimpse into the harsh realities and devastation confronting the communities along the Kansas-Missouri border in the aftermath of the Civil War. Outlaws, bandits, and other rebels clashed with Federal forces while bushwhackers ruled the roads, paving the way for men like Jesse James.


BY MARC ROLAND  In the Reconstruction Era, the vindictive and destructive forces of the occupiers were unleashed, compelling heroic and honorable men to restore order and to defend faith, liberty, property, and family while holding to account those responsible for the destruction and mayhem.


BY RÉMI TREMBLAY  Dissident historians have documented the sinister anti-Christian forces behind the French Revolution. French-Canadian scholar and writer Rémi Tremblay addresses this topic with a special focus on the martyrdom of André Grasset, the first Canadian-born Catholic saint.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D.  John Wear begins a fascinating series on “Heroes & Villains of the Reich” with a biography of Gen. Erich von Manstein. Manstein was instrumental in the German war effort on multiple fronts. He also had a very complex relationship with Adolf Hitler.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D.  Ernst Kaltenbrunner was an erudite and determined German patriot who led the Reich Office for Security following the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, no easy job as the author makes clear. Kaltenbrunner was one of the most irrationally despised figures of Hitler’s National Socialist government and was condemned to death at Nuremberg on specious evidence.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D.  TBR continues our series on “Heroes and Villains of the Reich” with a biography of Rudolf Hess, one of Hitler’s closest confidantes and an extremely important individual in Third Reich history. Though TBR has covered Hess over the years, there are many fascinating tidbits in the article you’ll find enlightening.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D.  Historian John Wear concludes the “Heroes and Villains of the Reich” series with a biography of Adm. Wilhelm Canaris, the naval officer and chief of the Abwehr, Germany’s primary military intelligence organization. Canaris, once a committed National Socialist, became wary of Hitler’s increasing power and began working behind the scenes to ensure the military defeat of Germany in WWII.


BY PHILIP GIRALDI  There has been a recent flap about whether or not, in the spirit of “diversity and equity,” alternative views on WWII history should be offered in schools. One author asks, “Why not?”


BY WINSTON CHURCHILL   Back in the 1920s, the future prime minister of England had some politically incorrect things to say about the dangers of Jewish revolutionaries and his regard for Zionism.

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