Kosher Criminals: A Short History of the Jewish Mafia

By Ronald L. Ray. We all “know” about the mafia. We “know” it is primarily Sicilian. We “know” it has lost a lot of its influence on the world around us. We may even “know” that there are “Russian” or “Chechen” or “Asian” or “Colombian” organized crime syndicates.

But is what we “know” really true? Or is all of it a clever deception employed by the real mafiosi to hide their actual identity? And do their co-tribalists in the mass media collaborate in the charade through deliberate falsehoods? Who are the true criminals?

November/December 2015 Interior

The Jewish Mafia is a book containing the sort of knowledge that gets people killed—particularly if they are muckraking journalists. That is not an exaggeration.

More than one investigative reporter has died from “too much information” and an “excessive curiosity” about the doings of one of the most brutal, most ruthless and most deadly global criminal organization ever to exist: the selfsame Jewish mafia.

“What is this ‘Jewish’ mafia?” you may ask. “I’ve never heard of it before.” Sure, there have been swindlers like Bernie Madoff, former bootleggers like the Bronfman family or a few unscrupulous rabbis who traded in human body parts.  But a true Jewish mafia?

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The Barnes Review, September/October 2016: Jack the Ripper: Case Closed?


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