Italy Divided

By Joaquin Bochaca. The Last Days of Mussolini & Fascist Italy. It was a tragic time in history, the Italian civil war of 1943-45. The bitter struggle was between the Fascist Repubblica Sociale Italiana (RSI), allied to the Axis, and a mixed bag of Communist partisans and monarchist soldiers on the other hand.

Death-of-MussoliniAfter the RSI surrendered, as many as 30,000 Italians were rounded up and murdered by the Communists. Here Catalan-Spanish author Joaquin Bochaca offers this recounting of the tragicomic collapse of Fascismin Italy after 1943. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from

The Barnes Review, May/June 2012: The Last Days of Mussolini & Fascist Italy


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