Democrat “Sit In” a Stage Play

June 23 2016 — This is a choreographed stage play. All the players have their roles and colored hats. Its a farce.

As this post is written, Paul Ryan, the embattled Speaker of the House, is calling the Senate police to clear the room of the Democrats who have staged a “sit in.” It is a “sit in” of nothing. In the past, these were meant to block something. it was a means of making life less convenient for all involved. In this case, they’re just sitting on the floor. Why bother calling the police?

If this is not a staged event, then what purpose does this “sit in” have? They blocked nothing. They were in the way of nothing. Had it continued, no one would have noticed except there some elected members sitting on the floor. Calling the police obviously would make the Republicans look bad, so why do it?

The media state the Democrats are “occupying the House floor.” They state this while running videos showing other business taking place around them, as if they are not there. They yell “shame” at these people, but saying they are occupying the floor is a lie, and a deliberate one.

Paul Ryan laughably called the “sit in” a “publicity stunt.” Yes, he stated the obvious. All “sit ins” were designed as publicity stunts. Other than blocking traffic, this was their purpose — to get media attention to a cause. He quite literally said nothing. He’s played his role in this fakery of American politics.

While ultimately a minor issue, we think it important to point out as an example of how politics is entertainment. There are characters. There are “good” guys and “bad” guys. Calling the Hill police is the same as the mean County Club owner calling the cops to get rid of “some kids” in a bad 80s movie.

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