“They Don’t Want to Hide Their Deceit Anymore” — Louis Farrakhan Endorses Trump

In a powerful speech, Louis Farrakhan endorses Donald Trump with some forms of praise that deserve to be taken very seriously. Farrakhan is an experienced activist and speaker. His words are chosen very carefully. While he correctly states that Islamic anti-Americanism is at its height. Therefore, “the hatred for America” should be a clear reason why these “refugees” can never be permitted into the USA. It is tantamount, as he says, to “letting in your own destruction.”

“I don’t want your money” means Trump is truly free. “One of the things I admire about Mr. Trump” is that he is “freer than the others to do good for the masses of the people.” In striking words, he states “We’re in the midst of the darkest hour in American history.” Not slavery, not World War, but the New World Order brings us to the “darkest hour.” Only a man as free and unfettered as Trump can objectively attack the problems the oligarchic, unrepresentative government has created.

Farrakhan condemns the Federal Reserve and says clearly that the state needs to coin the money of used by all. Showing respect for the Founding Fathers, he states that that generation was dedicated to guarding against private central banking. It was the Rothschilds on Jekyll Island that created this monster. “They bankrolled both sides of a conflict and end up ruling both sides” is a motto needed to understand 20th century history.

“[The oligarchs] are losing, and will lose. They set a trap and are getting caught. . . .The American people are waking up.” Obama is nothing more than “an extension of the policies of the neoconservatives.” Libya is a model to follow: she has no debt. her oil money was reinvested i the citizenry. However, Richard Pearle arrived only when their heavy weapons were given up. Trying to be “good global citizens” meant that Libya is now a 5th world backwater. Libya was close to 1st world status under Qaddafi. The chaos in the Mideast is the result of neoconservative and Zionist imperialism.

“That which has incurred the wrath of God” must be destroyed or “American cannot be made great again” is Mr. Farrakhan’s conclusion. This is a immensely significant speech made by the head of the Nation of Islam that proves that our battle is not one between “left and right”  — words that have long lost meaning and American and have no relevance abroad — but between nationalism and globalism.

Matthew Raphael Johnson
Senior Researcher, TBR
June 29 2016



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