Berlin Spandau Commemorative March August 19th, 2017

Berlin – One Week on from Charlottesville; 30 Years on from Hess’s Murder

Silence is Golden but all eyes could see…

Lady Michèle Renouf

Underreported arson attacks by the antifa on Germany’s railway system had made it a near miss for me to join the huge 1,000-strong commemorative demonstration in Berlin Spandau on August 19, the 30th anniversary of the murder of Germany’s former deputy führer Rudolf Hess. The situation was similar for some 300 pilgrims who, stuck on route in Falkensee (Havelland), then held their own spontaneous demo with Thorsten Heise and comrades in undeterable

From my family estate in Hessen (incidentally twice vandalized by antifa terrorists, this month, and in 2014) my journey encountered two frustratingly contra-convoluted diversions. The Deutsche Bahn, in its effort to avoid Berlin Spandau station (plus fire strikes on the railway lines on train routes between Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover) meant my four hours’ journey took me nine. As it happened the march had stalled at various points because the counter-demonstrating antifa had occupied the site of the Spandau Prison gate. (The huge institute itself, which housed only one prisoner, had been demolished upon his death in 1987 to stop it from becoming his shrine.)

Antifa, the self-claimed anti-terror terrorist organization, had succeeded in blocking the route, despite the futuristic-equipped enormous police presence, who seemed all too willing to accept defeat. Yet for hours the marchers waited patiently. 

At last arriving into the station, I found myself situated on the antifa side of the extensive barriers. After my many attempts to persuade the incredulous police that I wished to join the German nationalists, not the antifa terrorists, one heavily armed riot officer gallantly escorted me safely across the lines, to the impotent jeers [see photo 1] of the infuriated 300 antifa onlookers. Most gratifying. 

Before, during and after the 1,000-strong demonstration, German and international media reported events in the context of Charlottesville one week earlier. The U.S. establishment seems determined to close down constitutional free speech, while such protections have long since been scrapped in Germany.

The antifa awaited (to their assembled resentment) that stunning sight: The return to the alternate demo base of the Commemorative pilgrim marchers proclaiming the cause via uniformly wordless flying flags, save for the leading banner quoting Hess at his Nuremberg trial: “I regret nothing”. [see photo 2 of flags] Accompanying the orderly silence of the 1000 was Wagner’s mournful Parsifal and the hopeful strains of Rhinegold. National Socialist disciples did
Hess proud that Day and advanced their tribute for the YouTube world at large. Congratulations to the march organisers Christian Häger and Sebastian Schmidtke for a well-groomed public presentation.

I spotted very few Spandau pilgrims who had foolishly fallen to express themselves in Hollywood neo-nazi “individualist” indulgent terms, that is, by wearing bovine rings (see photo of antifa example) [photo 3] through their noses and other anti-nationalist deculturalizing attire. (Through an appeal to Western women’s short-term competitive vanity, fashion freak purveyors have persuaded them to wear grotesquely laid bare garments which outstrip a whore’s wardrobe.) The vast majority of highly presentable marchers were relate-ably attired in white shirts and black trousers, a mark of respectful sobriety. [photo 4] Journalists seemed disappointed in the total absence of jackboots.

On route, when chatting to a young German, he counters that if Hitler’s deputy Hess was aged 93 when he died then surely he simply died of old age? It never ceases to amaze me in what basic ignorance of even their popular history the younger generation of Germans are kept. He had never heard that Hess was supposed to have committed suicide, much less that the British may have had him strangled while under their watch. It suddenly occurs to me that the “conspiracy
theorists” (including Hess’s son Wolf Rüdiger) [photo 5] who doubted the suicide theory ought to have conducted a
survey of old peoples’ home managers for their opinion on whether in their experience their inmates aged 93 would be considered physically capable of self administering their suicide by hanging. 

Similarly I encountered amazing ignorance when I had found during a conversation with a high school teacher of politics who said she “has seen the shrunken heads and lampshades made out of Jewish skin” and was teaching these “facts” to her teenage pupils. I was able to inform her (having been an eyewitness at the trial of British historian David Irving’s libel action against Jewish professor Deborah Lippstadt) that both Jews and “gentile” historians had now agreed that these were postwar propaganda lies.

However the recently released Hollywood film “Denial” does not accord with these facts, so she began to view me, rather than herself, as “out of touch” and wished to move carriages at once. 

Even the singular consensual journalist who noticed the silent “cryptic” anonymous-like appearance of the Berlin Spandau Commemoration demo failed to grasp that this was a commemoration conducting itself with solemnity in respectful silence. The organizers of this huge 1,000-strong, orderly and impressive march had duly disciplined pilgrims to bring no cell phones, shout nothing, walk five abreast one meter apart, ignore all approaches from the press and provocation from the antifa. Save for one minor foolishly defensive scuffle there was nothing upon which the press cameras could otherwise gratuitously rely for their deceptive headlines. Every one of the heavily armed riot squad police teams could surely see (as President Trump bravely observed as per Charlottesville) that the “leftist” antifa were there to prompt violence and drown out the fair free speech.

Despite the odds, I had arrived in time to hear all four speeches from France, Finland, Saxony’s Dr. Olaf Rose, and to film (for my the speech by British historian and political analyst Peter Rushton. Indeed I had
been instrumental in securing him for the organizers, who had earlier invited me, or British National Front executive Richard Edmonds, to address the demo. However, Edmonds was already engaged on that day to lead the NF demo rally in Lincolnshire (which received front-page success); and in my estimation of the three of us, the best for this Berlin Spandau task was archive expert Rushton. This British co-editor of the UK-U.S.A. magazine “Heritage and Destiny” has investigated the recently released British documents on peace-ambassador Rudolf Hess who had suffered 46 years
of merciless solitary incarceration, mostly in Spandau Prison.

Peter Rushton’s 12 minutes’ speech in English (translated into German by the exceedingly competent organizer as he spoke it) was the highlight of the demo, in which he appealed to both German and British governments to release more documents so that normal historical source criticism without exception can be applied to the second world war period and its immediate aftermath. Prosecution would have faced Rushton if, while standing on German soil, he had so
much as identified Hess’s perilous flight to Scotland as a “peace mission.” This is one of the many terms banned in
still anti-constitutionally Allied occupied and tyrannically oppressed Germany toward all forms of Judaic criticism. As that singular journalist (writing for a Chicago newspaper) had observed, the flags flown in the Berlin Spandau demo were symbol-less and wordless because displays of even the tiniest of “nazi” references are “criminal” acts, “thought-crimes,”are crimes in Germany. Yet, there was a “silence golden but all eyes could see” that day. And in a land currently governed by those who fear “illegal songs,” this scene of White race, White nation and White heritage assertion, was the tonic it needs.

After the dispersion of the marchers, and while the 300 antifa were still caged behind extensive police barriers, I and Peter Rushton, escorted by police, strolled the front line gauntlet. Until our safe passage inside Spandau rail station, the lewd gesturing antifa leering orcs made their deafening jeers and aping calls. Impotent bottle throwers missed their marks on the closing doors.



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