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  • Systematic falsification of history has done more to impede human development than anything known to mankind…

  • So said Jean-Jacques Rousseau over a century ago…

JJRAs a supporter of the Traditionalist Youth Network and the Trad Worker Party, you are no doubt aware that the mainstream mass media regularly twist and distort the facts to advance their anti-White, anti-Christian agenda. You’ve seen firsthand how they have portrayed and slandered Matt Heimbach in print and on TV. It’s all a pack of lies!

Establishment historians and academics operate in a similar manner, covering up or downplaying certain aspects of history while systematically falsifying others, presenting their own politically correct version to poison the minds of our fellow citizens.

For example, how many people know that the Bolshevik “Revolution” was nothing more than a Jewish takeover of the Russian state? Or that the overthrow and cold-blooded assassination of the Romanov family was just the first step in the Talmudic plot to destroy the traditional Christian structure of Russian society, subjugating the Russian people under a brutal Communist regime dominated by a clique of sadistic Jewish terrorists?

There is one magazine in the world today that courageously tells the truth about these and many other controversial and little-understood yet vitally important topics.

September_October_2015_CoversThe Barnes Review (TBR), founded by the late Willis Carto, the legendary American nationalist publisher and organizer, was established to combat the false historical narratives promoted by the powers that be and end the plague of political correctness. TBR’s goal is to “bring history into accord with the facts,” as Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, the great American historian and friend of Carto’s, once stated many years ago – and that’s exactly what we do in every issue.

Understanding the true history of Russia over the last century helps explain the rise of Vladimir Putin, the populist leader of Russia constantly vilified by the Zionist-dominated Western press and political establishment who the editors of The Barnes Review made their “Man of the Year” in 2015.

The Barnes Review covers virtually every aspect of human history, from the Old Stone Age to the modern era, from an unabashedly pro-White perspective without the bane of political correctness. TBR has published books by some of the leading revisionists and honest historians in the Western world, presenting controversial and marginalized – yet entirely legitimate and scholarly – historical perspectives and analyses.

The simple fact of the matter is that our collective historical narrative – particularly as it relates to WWI, WWII, and other monumental events of the 20th century – has been weaponized against the White race. TBR aims to combat and counter the distorted and, in many cases, false narratives of history endlessly promulgated and reinforced by the controlled academic and historical establishment as well as the mass media. TBR is a valuable alternative to the nonsense passing as legitimate historical scholarship promoted by the powers that be.

If you are interested in authentic history presented in a scholarly and powerful manner, consider subscribing to The Barnes Review today! We’ve put together the following special subscription offers exclusively for readers and supporters of the Traditionalist Youth Network and Trad Worker Party. Take advantage of one of these great deals today!



A one year subscription to The Barnes Review is only $46, and as a supporter of the Traditionalist Youth Network and Trad Worker Party, we’ll throw in these FREE GIFTS worth as much as the subscription itself…

  • FREE copy of “Russia and the Jews,” a powerful fact-filled edition of TBR based on the work of the heroic Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Despite his stature as a Nobel Prize winner, Solzhenitsyn was effectively blackballed for his so-called “anti-Semitic” writings.) (Magazine format, 80 pages, $10 value)
  • FREE copy of The Hungarian Terror: Bela Kun Strangles a Nation by Dr. Ed Fields, a short yet powerful booklet detailing the brutal but little-known rule of Jewish Communist Bela Kun and his bloody henchmen after WWI. The booklet includes numerous pictures of the perpetrators. (Softcover, 48 pages, $7 value)
  • FREE copy of Dr. M. Raphael Johnson’s amazing book The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy, a thorough and scholarly refutation of the distorted narrative of Russian history promoted by establishment historians, which has resulted in the slander of an entire people. It’s still going on today! (Softcover, 246 pages, $25 value)
  • FREE copy of TBR founder Willis Carto’s must-read pamphlet “A Straight Look at the Second World War,”an honest and straightforward analysis of the fratricidal bloodbath known as WWII. ($2 value)

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We are so sure you are going to love TBR, we have a two year subscription offer for $78 that will blow your mind… A $238 publication package for just $78!

  • $14 off the regular one year rate – just $78 for two years! (reg. $92)
  • All of the above gifts (“Russia and the Jews,”The Hungarian TerrorThe Third Rome, and “A Straight Look at the Second World War”) PLUS…
  • FREE copy of Dr. M. Raphael Johnson’s Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin, which demystifies one of the most reviled political leaders in modern Western history, exploring the Russian nationalist’s populist political philosophy, background and experience, and overall worldview. Dr. Johnson expertly analyzes exactly why Putin represents the greatest threat to the New World Order that has emerged in the past 70 years. (Softcover, 178 pages, $25 value)
  • FREE one year digital subscription to AMERICAN FREE PRESS (AFP), America’s last real newspaper. This isn’t some shabby newsletter. This is a full-color 32-page PDF of every new issue published by AFP for the next year – 26 total issues featuring uncensored, politically incorrect news from a nationalist perspective. ($15 value)
  • FREE copy of Escape from the Bunker: The Escape of Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann by Harry Cooper, the founder and president of Sharkhunters International. (Softcover, 96 pages, $10 value)
  • FOUR FREE history booklets including: Rebel Wisdom: The Speeches, Quotes and Sayings of Prominent Confederates ($7 value), The Dartmoor Massacre ($15 value), The Mysterious Megaliths of New England ($7 value) PLUS The Maxims of Napoleon, an amazing little pocket booklet with quotes from the famous Frenchman. ($5 value).
  • FREE copy of the politically incorrect book Ways That Are Dark: The Truth about China, originally published in 1933 by famed American diplomat Ralph Townsend. (Softcover, 336 pages, $15 value)

All together this is an incredible $238 publication package that will provide you with hours and hours of reading enjoyment and invaluable knowledge for the best price we’ve ever offered – just $78.

How can we do it? As a supporter of the Traditionalist Youth Network and Trad Worker Party, we know you’ll be a TBR subscriber for life!

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