The War Against Putin

This week’s podcast from Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson is on Vladimir Putin and the war against Russia. More than anything else, Dr. Johnson’s career has revolved around explaining Putin’s success and the failures of liberalism. Liberalism is the official creed of the Regime, that network of power that is the New World Order and that seeks the creation of an egotistical, isolated, alienated person without culture or tradition. This is the ultimate American persona in 2016.

The threats against Russia exist for several reasons. First, Putin’s continual work to remove the dollar from international fuel transactions. Second, his rejection of the Washington model of development, calling into doubt the ideology that the IMF forces on countries the world over. Third, Putin exposed the fraud of the “War on ISIS” where the US was forced to not only condemn Russian attacks on the Islamic State, but to openly ally with al-Qaeda. Oligarchs hate exposure above all else.

The ideological component of world politics cannot be underestimated. Ideas rule history. People do not lay down their lives for abstractions such as “trial by jury” but they do and will for their cultural inheritance. in Russia’s case, the System is demanding that hundreds of thousands of Americans die for no reason anyone can fathom.

There will have to be a false flag blamed on Russia for any war to begin and once it has begun, the US will lose. It has a desertion crisis, a severe failure in morale and on top of that, the empire is broke.

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