The Orthodox Nationalist: The Effect of Eurasianism on Geopolitics

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a podcast on the theory of Eurasianism and the effect it has on Geopolitics. Alexander Dugin and his intellectual forebears are often very misunderstood by the West. The average American seems incapable of sustained thought on anything and hence, they remain “masses” rather than actual people.

The essential divide in the theory is between the “land” and the “sea.” These are qualitative terms. The land refers to communal, hierarchical and ritualistic societies not based on commerce with Rome, Russia, China and Germany being the archetypes here. Labor for the “land” is always founded on a goal far beyond profits and money is only a means to that end.

The “sea” is the “common mass.” It is the ever changing, yet strangely uniform world of commerce. It rejects all forms of power not based on money. It is liberal at its root and it is the creator and sustainer of liberalism. It is based on the ego alone.

These mentalities are found everywhere and often are vying for control even in the same person. The National Bolshevik Movement, Christian Socialism and the Patristic Revolution are all brought together under the Eurasianist banner.

The New World Order is the economic and political manifestation of Antichrist. It is the total centralization of capital confronting a totally alienated set of egos with no culture or community. The NWO seeks one thing: the reduction of all nations into one so as to lower transaction costs. Culture is bad for business.

This broadcast lecture seeks to connect the views of HJ Mackinder (pictured above) and the “Eurasianists” to Old Russia, the USSR, the Yeltsin era, Trump’s ideology and the revolutionary resistance to the New World Order.

Presented by Matt Johnson