The Genocide of the Boers

The Genocide of the Boers: A Pictorial History & the Role Rothschild Greed Played in the Crime

By Stephen Mitford Goodson. The Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) remains unique in the annals of modern history. For the first time in the modern era, war was deliberately waged by a supposedly civilized nation on innocent women and children.

Not only were Dutch settler (Boer) homes destroyed by the British forces by means of a scorched earth policy, but the Boer women and wee ones were then herded into deplorable concentration camps.

Women and children whose menfolk were still in the battlefield were subjected to starvation rations, which resulted in widespread disease and death.

At the heart of the conflict was the desire of the Rothschild banking dynasty to control the mineral wealth of regions inhabited by the Dutch pioneers who had tamed the wild lands of southern Africa. To fund the unending British atrocities, the Rothschilds dug deep. [Read the article as a PDF]