TBR Podcast on Alexander Dugin


This is an Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s philosophical foundations by one of the few Americans that can claim to know his work well. Almost totally unknown to American journalists and academics, Dugin remains an important subject. Matthew Raphael Johnson has been both a student and a supporter of Dugin for many years, introducing history students to Eurasianism at Mount Saint Mary’s University and educating historians on Dugin’s thought whether they ask him or not.

Nevertheless, a total lack of knowledge does not stop the Regime from speaking of him constantly as the “fascist-communist-Marxist-Bolshevik-Nazi ideologue” that allegedly serves as Putin’s conscience. The journalistic and academic hysteria about the man suggests that he’s doing something right. Anyone that can be called both a communist and fascist in the same sentence requires a second look. This podcast seeks to shed a little light on what the man actually thinks.

Dugin’s philosophy of history is the constant warfare between the individual – the egocentric drive of commerce and exploitation — and the concept of Hyperboria, the heart of Eurasia. This is the land of the solar “gods” that represent reason and holistic thought. The proof of the demonic is the rule of the mechanical – the purposeless, soulless machine that exists to create products to satisfy the masses (at their own expense). It is the rejection and negation of the organic and its replacement by the cheap substitute of the mechanical. The west has plunged itself into this faux-world since its own Enlightenment, itself the result of the exploitation of the “Third World.”

Capitalism was always international: industry came into existence due to the hyper-exploitation of the globe by the British empire, conveniently promoting the very British “Darwinian system” that, unsurprisingly, gave all spoils to the victor in competition. We are living in an age where these two irreconcilable systems: the organic and the mechanical, will soon have it out in the final war of the two system, the “End Times” only dimly understood by American “Christians.”

As almost all western talk on Dugin is semi-literate and aware that there are few that would know any better, this is an important step in clarifying things. Chances are, the dumbed-down American will not grasp even the outline of the presentation here, but it is largely the product of a healthy mind, one steeped in Tradition.

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