TBR History Hour – Rémi Tremblay on Robert DePugh

On this edition of TBR History Hour, we’re joined once again by independent journalist, editor, author, and regular TBR contributor Rémi Tremblay. Rémi is the editor of a French-Canadian magazine called Le Harfang and has contributed as a freelance journalist to a variety of European and North American media outlets. We begin by discussing Rémi’s article published in the July/August 2022 edition of The Barnes Review, which focuses on Robert DePugh and the origins of the modern militia movement. We move on to cover a related topic that Rémi wrote about for American Free Press dealing with a high profile anti-terror raid in Canada that targeted so-called “White supremacists,” who also apparently pose the greatest threat to Canada as well as the U.S., according to government officials in both countries.

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