TBR History Hour – Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson on Dugin, Multipolar World Order

On this edition of TBR History Hour, we’re joined once again by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, an independent historian and author who sits on the Board of Contributing Editors of The Barnes Review. Dr. Johnson is a regular contributor to the magazine and also hosts The Orthodox Nationalist podcast program on Radio Albion. On this podcast, Dr. Johnson and I begin by commenting on the disgraceful arrest of the French scholar and revisionist Vincent Reynouard by British officers on November 10. Why are those who question and engage in scholarly and critical study of the official narrative surrounding WWII and the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” persecuted, harassed, arrested, and jailed?

We then move on to focus on his recently published article in the Nov./Dec. 2022 edition of The Barnes Review which deals with the political philosophy of the controversial Russian intellectual Aleksandr Dugin. What is “Duginism”? What is “Eurasianism” and multipolarity? We also address the concept of race from a Western and Russian perspective before wrapping up with an assessment of the current conflict in Ukraine and how the Russian “special military operation” has fundamentally transformed international geopolitics.

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