TBR History Hour, Jan. 1, 2021 – New Year’s Day Broadcast

TBR History Hour with Dr. Ed DeVries


This is the 53rd broadcast of TBR Radio Presents: The TBR History Hour.

As the show enters its second year, Dr. Ed breaks down the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of The Barnes Review magazine with emphasis on the three articles that he contributed to the issue. These articles were a biography of King Leopold II, a look at the Japanese underwater aircraft carrier that might have changed the outcome of the second world war, and a revisit of this show’s November 20, 2020 interview of British socialite and noblewoman, Lady Michelle Renouf.

Other questions discussed are: Will 2021 be better or worse than 2021? And, was President Donald Trump really the “champion” that many on the right believed he would be? Subscribe to The Barnes Review: www.barnesreview.org.



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