The Wars & Other Related Events


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This last book of R.M. West’s nationalist trilogy—which includes The Nation as Race and Myth and The Revolt Against Empire—was written as a decisive warning: Something of great weight and bulk is hurtling at break-neck speed toward us.

This is not a cartoon cliché—our culture is in a shambles. And now, our race, our last refuge, our final line of resistance is under assault. “Stop!” That is what the anonymous narrator of this final book said before the novel began.

He was among the first to see the galloping advance of a runaway horse named “Destruction.” He became one of the early founders of the anti-globalist movement. Now, at the age of 70, he calls himself an “old man.” He carries wounds both visible and hidden. His narration of The Wars & Other Related Events is his memoir. It will be his only monument.

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