The Revolt Against Empire

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This biting political novel is the second in R.M. West’s trilogy. The three books together—including The Nation as Race and Myth and The Wars and Other Related Events: A Political Novel—are, the author says, an experiment in new nationalist writings.

Neo-nationalism is an expanded version of nationalism. Its allegiance is no longer to the abstract notion of a state, but rather to the earthly realities of race and the unique myths and culture that nourish it. It is indisputable, says West, that a race is lost as a coherent whole if it reaches a point in its history where it no longer recognizes as vital the emblematic images of its founding myths.

In a clever and engaging fashion, West crafts the book around military dispatches of the year 2019 from a war between the “Globalist Empire” and the “Euro-American Secessionist forces.” Between chapters, fictional historian John Henry York fills us in on the events of the era. His diary entries predict a world that may be in our future.

Who will win this race war that the massive forces of Asia have brought against the white world? Find out!

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