The Centuries of Revolution


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The Centuries of RevolutionThe Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism

By William White. Democracy, Communism, Zionism: They’re all components of world subversion. Here are the facts for those who dare to confront the truth. One of the most hard-hitting, no-nonsense writers on the American scene today, William White has been reviled for his candor, bankrupted and railroaded into federal prison. But he remains undaunted.

In his new book, The Centuries of Revolution, White has stepped forward with an unsettling—but consistently fascinating—exposé of the dark forces behind world subversion that have worked relentlessly on virtually every front to forcibly transform traditional white culture for the benefit of the financial and political power of one powerful minority.

Tracing the origins of this agenda back to pre-biblical times, exploring the worship of the strange gods the Israelites encountered in Egypt, White demonstrates—with shocking clarity—that the underlying philosophy of revolution has been insidiously utilized to mesmerize and enslave the peoples of the West in order to achieve the ultimate dream of world domination.

Democracy, Communism and Zionism are the tools. This panoramic overview of historical realities lays waste to much of the nonsense and historical misinformation (purveyed by “experts” on the Internet who are anything but that) circulating today about what is—and what is not—progress.

This is an invaluable source of hidden history you’ll study and reference time and again. But be prepared for a journey into unexplored territory where very real demons hold sway and no sacred cows are safe.

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 200 pages