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BY MARC ROLAND We hear often of the French Maquis and Red partisan guerrilla groups, but we never hear of the German underground resistance. During the war these “werewolves of the Reich,” composed mostly of German youth, fought to the death for the Fatherland.


BY MARC ROLAND After the war, the German underground resistance did not surrender. Instead it waged war against traitors and the occupiers.


BY DR. MATTHEW RAPHAEL JOHNSON People like to insist Hitler was an atheistic pagan. But what did Hitler himself say about Christianity and religion? In this article we hear from the Führer himself.


BY PAT SHANNAN What did Adolf Hitler actually think of the United States of America? Did he want to conquer North America? What did he think of the American people, many of whom, he knew, were of Germanic stock?


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. Why would Hitler have invaded the neutral countries of Norway and Denmark? The court historians say it was because he was a madman bent on global conquest. But, in reality, he had good reasons.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. Churchill, not Hitler, was the great warmonger of World War II, doing all he could not only to start World War II, but to prolong it until Germany was murdered.


BY JOHN WEAR, J.D. We hear so much about the Jewish holocaust, but so little of the more than 3 million Soviet POWs who died in German concentration camps. What happened?


BY BONNIE FAULKNER Persecuted radio show host Bonnie Faulkner interviews persecuted historian James Bacque on postwar German deaths.


TRANSLATED BY MARGARET HUFFSTICKLER After Germany won the battle for France, over a million French prisoners were put to work. To make life easier, Hitler allowed their wives and families to join them.


BY THOMAS GOODRICH “De-Nazification” is such a sanitary term. But this program to turn Germans into sheep was a messy affair which the Allies believed required a boot on the neck.


BY THOMAS GOODRICH They were only trying to escape the onslaught of the bloody Bolshevik army, which was raping and killing everything in its path. So why torpedo passenger liners with thousands of innocent civilians aboard?


BY MICHAEL WALSH They were the most adept looters ever, these Soviet generals, taking stolen treasures by the ton from German collections. But Josef Stalin found out, and he wasn’t happy.

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Review: Hitler’s true views—37
Review: Hidden hand of war—42
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Gen. Vlasov’s tragic end—65
Genocide in Sudetenland—75
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Mass guilt campaign begins—87
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A Special Message from the Publisher on this 25th Anniversary Edition of TBR

Dear BARNES REVIEW subscriber:

More than 25 years ago, THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) published its first issue. It was a blockbuster, and many readers became addicted to our no-nonsense approach to history. It was a simple formula: Real history without the political correctness.

Since then, we have published 169 more issues, each one groundbreaking in its own right. In 2001 we published our first theme issue. Entitled “The All-Holocaust Issue,” it drew rave reviews from fans and condemnation from critics for its discussion of the most taboo subject of the 20th (and now the 21st) century. In 2017, we published our first book-bound issue—the 112-page “Defending Dixie” issue—in response to the ongoing attacks on Southern culture and, by extension, white history in general. In 2018 we published another huge issue —the 132-page “Holocausts” issue—in which we compiled as much information as we could fit discussing “the other holocausts.” Both of those is-sues have sold in the tens of thou-sands, with subscribers buying multiple copies to give to friends, family members and educators, despite the politically in-correct but historically accurate nature of their contents.

Today, we present you with a 140-page issue—“Werwölfe of the Reich.” In this special World War II theme issue, our lengthy two-part lead story discusses the German Werwolf underground resistance movement during and after WWII, a topic we have never covered before. But you’ll also find illustrated articles on everything from Adolf Hitler’s views on Christianity to the real reasons so many Soviet prisoners died under German care during the war. There’s even more, but, all told, this issue represents an accurate and authentic—though brief—picture of Germany during and after the second world war.

TBR’s founder, Willis Carto, back in that first issue, said this in his inaugural TBR editorial:

History is far too important to be left to history professors, pundits, politicians and pressure groups. TBR magazine aims for intelligent readers of all stations and crafts, not for the sterile literati, although they, too, can learn much from our pages if they wish. If history cannot be used to interpret current events and to foretell the future, it is worthless; like modern art at best—an amusing exercise in self-gratification. If it is well-financed and tax-privileged, it is a swindle. History is prophecy in action. … To repeat: We’re not “hung up” on anything except our honest desire to get at the truth. The good book says to know the truth and it shall make you free. We honestly believe that. And we hope that you do, too.

A lot has changed in the last 25 years. Back in that first issue, you’ll see my name on the masthead as the administrative director. I’ve changed a lot, too. My hair wasn’t so gray back then and I didn’t have so many of these darned wrinkles on my face. Both Willis Carto (founder) and George Fowler (first editor) have passed away. Michael Collins Piper and Fred Blahut, heavy contributors to our early efforts, have also passed on. But we have been very fortunate to have new writers and scholars emerge—young and old—who can find no other journal with the guts to publish their excellent historical analyses.


Yes, a lot has changed, but two things have not. One is our dedication to the truth and our desire to publish the highest quality Revisionist magazine you will find in the world today.

And the second thing is the commitment our readers have to this journal. Death alone, it seems, stops you from renewing your subscriptions and supporting this magazine. (So, please, exercise and eat right!)

That’s why I am calling on every one of you to continue your generous support with a donation today. Back in 1994, we were not facing the kinds of financial attacks we are now, directed by the richest companies in the world, determined to shut us up forever. Amazon, Google, YouTube, Wells Fargo and other companies (worth tens of billions of dollars) combined have done all they could to stop us. Amazingly, we have survived.

But we cannot do it without you. So again, please consider sending a donation today to TBR, P.O. Box 550, White Plains, MD 20695, our new business address. And buy extra copies of this issue to give as gifts (see page 138)!


And note that this issue also functions as our 2020 Catalog. Please keep it handy, and consider ordering as many books as you can. Many you will find nowhere else. Book sales are a very important part of the revenue we need to pay our writers and to print and mail this mag-azine. All told, the catalog at the end of this issue and the World War II book ads contained in the remaining pages represent 95% of the products TBR offers.

Yours for politically incorrect history,

Paul Angel
Executive Editor, Art Director, Publisher

Creating a Fake Reality

If you listen to the leftist media, white people are the most dangerous plague since the Black Death wiped out millions in the Middle Ages. This summer, two shootings in particular were focused upon by the controlled press, blamed on “white supremacists” and presented as some kind of a new-age plague. Even President Trump got caught up in the hysteria. Reading from a prepared script he said, “The shooter in El Paso posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate. In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America.”

Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris—among dozens of leftist candidates—jumped on the anti-white bandwagon, saying that, if she were elected president, she would pressure Congress to pass red flag laws allowing law enforcement agents to confiscate the fire-arms of “white nationalists that may be on the verge of carrying out a hate crime.” Harris says she just wants to stop “hate-fueled attacks before they happen.” (She is really just pandering for minority votes.)

But the truth is, as usual, far removed from the fake news peddled by the major controlled corporate news outlets here and across the globe. The El Paso shooter, unfortunately, resorted to wanton violence against innocent civilians—white, black and Hispanic. We believe he was driven more by his own mental illness than any “nationalist” ideologies, a factor in mass shootings that is all too often glossed over by so many politicians who are in the hip pockets of Big Pharma. Just how many of these mass shooters are on psychoactive prescription drugs?

Then there was the shooting in Dayton, Ohio, also allegedly carried out by a “white supremacist” who is said to have posted an Internet manifesto referenced ad nauseam by gun-grabbers and race-baiters in Washington, D.C. But, as Pat Buchanan pointed out, “Ironically, the Dayton shooter [Connor Betts], who killed his sister and eight others, described himself on social media as a pro- Satan ‘leftist,’ who wanted Joe Biden’s generation to die off, hated Trump, and hoped to vote for Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president.” “I want socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come around,” Betts wrote.

Sandwiched around these shootings, others were occurring across the nation, but not getting so much attention. The reason is obvious: They could not be claimed to have been carried out by “white supremacists.”

In February, Gary Martin killed five and wounded six in Aurora, Illinois. In May, DeWayne Craddock killed 12 and wounded four in Virginia Beach. In June, Elijah Tyrez Head killed three and wounded one in Abbeville, South Carolina. In August, six policemen in Philadelphia were shot and wounded by Maurice Hill. The problem for the media was that all of these mass shooters weren’t white men, so they just pretty much ignored them.

In total this year, including the tragic shootings in Dayton and El Paso, 66 people have been killed by mass shooters with 31 of them being killed by white men (though some don’t look all that white). But contrast that with gun homicides in the United States in general. . . .

According to Every Town Research (ETR), the U.S. averages about 36,383 gun deaths by homicide every year (around 100 a day). ETR says about 76,250 people are wounded or caught in crossfire in the U.S. annually.

ETR, however, says, “Gun homicides are almost exclusively concentrated in cities. Half of all gun homicides took place in just 127 cities, which represented nearly a quarter of the U.S. population. Within these cities, gun homicides are most prevalent in racially segregated [black] neighborhoods with high rates of poverty.”

ETR also points out in charts and graphs that it is 15 times more likely that a black man will be wounded or killed by another armed black man than a white man.

Extrapolating this data, about 33,958 of those 36,383 gun deaths in America are black men killing other black men—many just teenagers. That means white men are responsible for about 2,425 of those 36,383 gun deaths.

Note that white men represent 75% of all gun suicides. There are about 4,100 gun suicides in America every year. This means that each year about 3,075 white men kill themselves with a gun. In other words, in America today it is more likely that a white man will kill himself than he will kill another person.

Why do we bring this up? It proves the point that white nationalists (called “white supremacists” by the media) are not really the “problem” politicians should be focusing upon. The problem is political correctness, which prevents us here in America from uttering these gun facts without being branded racists. That the majority is being silenced is the real “hate” crime.

If you really want to help save lives in this country, concentrate on America’s inner cities. That is where the real threat to our fellow Americans lies. If you want to confiscate guns, do it in the slums of New Orleans, Memphis, Cleveland, Baltimore, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit etc. The problem is that criminals won’t give up their guns but law-abiding citizens might, leaving them helpless against the real perpetrators of gun violence in America.

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