Hitlerjunge Quex (Hitler Youth Quex)


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The year is 1931. Young Heini Volker has a problem. His unemployed father demands he joins Berlin’s young Communists. But he loves the Hitler Youth. How Heini resolves this quandary is the story of Hitlerjunge Quex, a movie central to the moral instruction of young Germans in the Nazi years. Produced in 1933, Hitlerjunge Quex drew from the real story of Herbert Norkus, a Hitler Youth killed by Red street-fighters in 1932. Musical score is by Hans-Otto Borgmann. DVD special features include: historical slide show, original promo materials, interactive scene selection, switchable English subtitles. B&W, 1933, 87 minutes, German dialogue, English subtitles, #1001, $25. (NTSC Region 0 encoding—entire world.) NOTE: Distri – bution prohibited in Germany, Italy, Austria and France.