Kolberg: The Restored 1945 Epic


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Filmed over late 1943 and 1944, Kolberg drew upon the historical resistance of East Prussian townsmen against Napoleon in 1807 in arguing its case for total war against the WWII Allies. Its bone-jarring climax, showing Kolberg bombarded into rubble by French artillery, evokes Allied bombing raids across Germany at the time. Even as the Nazi regime was entering its last phases, it devoted lavish resources to Kolberg’s spectacular battle scenes, detonating tons of explosives and diverting thousands of soldiers from the front. Released amidst the chaos of 1945, Kolberg was shown in Germany’s few still-intact movie houses. This new DVD edition features better subtitles, restored sound and restoration of the original color. Directed by Veit Harlan. Music by Norbert Schultze. Multiple special features. Color, 104 minutes, German dialogue with switchable English or Spanish subtitles, #1005. (NTSC Region 0 encoding—entire world.)