A History of Rhodesia


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By Howard Hensman. This earliest history of the British colony of Rhodesia, written only eight years after the first white settlement and based on exclusive access to the files of Cecil John Rhodes’s British South Africa Company. This book became the benchmark for all other works dealing with the founding of Rhodesia.

It is more than the exciting history of the Pioneer Column: it details the tumultuous events of the Matabele Wars, the last stand of Allan Wilson, Rhodes’s personal intervention to the Matabele to halt the fighting, and much more.

Written by one of Britain’s leading war correspondents, A History of Rhodesia is a book of its time: unashamedly jingoistic, pro-Empire, anti-Boer and anti-Matabele, it provides a remarkable insight into the personalities and mindset of the builders of the British Empire.

“It is, unfortunately, so easy to sit at home in a comfortable arm-chair and pour forth vigorous denunciations on the heads of those of one’s countrymen who are battling with hordes of savages in a distant land.”



Chapter I. Early History of Rhodesia

Chapter II. Matabeleland under Lobengula

Chapter III. The Concession Gained

Chapter IV. Founding a Colony

Chapter V. War with the Matabele

Chapter VI. War with the Matabele—continued

Chapter VII. Conclusion of the War

Chapter VIII. The Jameson Raid

Chapter IX. The Jameson Raid Committee

Chapter X. Outbreak of the Matabele Rebellion

Chapter XI. The Matabele Rebellion—continued

Chapter XII. The Matabele Rebellion—continued

Chapter XIII. End of the Matabele Rebellion

Chapter XIV. After the War

Chapter XV. Sir Richard Martin’s Inquiry

Chapter XVI. The Progress of the Country

Chapter XVII. Mr Rhodes and the Imperial Government

Chapter XVIII. Representative Government in Rhodesia

Chapter XIX. The Siege of Kimberley

Chapter XX. Events at Mafeking

Appendix I

Appendix II


267 pages. Softcover.