The International Jew Vols. I & II


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The International Jew Volumes I and II The Full Unexpurgated Edition. By Henry Ford and the staff of the Dearborn Independent. This is the only complete set of all 80 unexpurgated articles published by the famous American industrialist and automobile manufacturer Henry Ford in his Dearborn Independent newspaper between 1920 and 1922.

The Dearborn Independent was distributed nationwide to Ford dealer showrooms and was offered free of charge to the general public. At its peak, circulation reached 700,000 readers.

The work’s reach was worldwide and was quoted in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Henry Ford’s picture hung in Hitler’s office, and in July 1938, the German consul at Cleveland gave Ford, on his 75th birthday, the award of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest medal Nazi Germany could bestow on a foreigner.

The 80 articles were later republished in book form but were severely redacted and edited, with an severely abridged version becoming the most widely circulated copy.

Now at last, the full unexpurgated original of Ford’s groundbreaking study of the Jewish Question, and contains all the content, prefaces included, is available once again.

Originally published by The Dearborn Independent as a four volume set, this new completely reset edition combines all the volumes into a handy two volume version, without losing any of the text.

The topics included foreign and domestic issues, and contain by far the best analysis of how the United States was systematically taken over by Jews after they were allowed to immigrate to that than country in large numbers in the late 19th century.

About the author: Henry Ford (1863–1947) was America’s most famous industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company. Apart from his technical expertise in brining mass manufacturing into the Twentieth century, Ford was an ardent pacifist in World War I and II. His newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, had a readership of over a million every week.


Volume I and II:

Vol. 1 The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem

Chapter 1 The Jew in Character and Business

Chapter 2 Germany’s Reaction Against the Jew

Chapter 3 Jewish History in the United States

Chapter 4 The Jewish Question — Fact or Fancy?

Chapter 5 Anti-Semitism — Will It Appear in the U.S.?

Chapter 6 Jewish Question Breaks Into the Magazines

Chapter 7 Arthur Brisbane Leaps to the Help of Jewry

Chapter 8 Does a Definite Jewish World Program Exist?

Chapter 9 The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism

Chapter 10 An Introduction to the “Jewish Protocols”

Chapter 11 “Jewish” Estimate of Gentile Human Nature

Chapter 12 “Jewish Protocols” Claim Partial Fulfillment

Chapter 13 “Jewish” Plan to Split Society by “Ideas”

Chapter 14 Did the Jews Foresee the World War?

Chapter 15 Is the Jewish “Kahal” the Modern “Soviet”?

Chapter 16 How the “Jewish Question” Touches the Farm

Chapter 17 Does Jewish Power Control the World Press?

Chapter 18 Does This Explain Jewish Political Power?

Chapter 19 The All-Jewish Mark on “Red Russia”

Chapter 20 Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism

Vol. 2 Jewish Activities in the United States

Chapter 21 How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength

Chapter 22 Jewish Testimony on “Are Jews a Nation?”

Chapter 23 Jew Versus Non-Jew in New York Finance

Chapter 24 The High and Low of Jewish Money Power

Chapter 25 “Disraeli of America” — A Jew of Super-Power

Chapter 26 The Scope of Jewish Dictatorship in the U.S.

Chapter 27 Jewish Copper Kings Reap Rich War-Profits

Chapter 28 Jewish Control of the American Theater

Chapter 29 The Rise of the First Jewish Theatrical Trust

Chapter 30 How Jews Capitalized a Protest Against Jews

Chapter 31 The Jewish Aspect of the “Movie” Problem

Chapter 32 Jewish Supremacy in Motion Picture World

Chapter 33 Rule of the Jewish Kehillah Grips New York

Chapter 34 The Jewish Demand for “Rights” in America

Chapter 35 “Jewish Rights” Clash With American Rights

Chapter 36 “Jewish Rights” to Put Studies Out of Schools

Chapter 37 Disraeli — British Premier, Portrays the Jews

Chapter 38 Taft Once Tried to Resist Jews — and Failed

Chapter 39 When Editors Were Independent of the Jews

Chapter 40 Why the Jews Dislike the Morgenthau Report

Chapter 41 Jews Use the Peace Conference to Bind Poland

Chapter 42 The Present Status of the Jewish Question

Volume III and IV contains chapters 43 to 80.

413 pages, Softcover

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