Maximilian: The Rise & Tragic Fall of a Christian Monarch and the End of White Rule in Mexico

Was Maximilian of Mexico a patsy for the globalists? Just a puppet of the French? Undoubtedly he meant well and was a compassionate ruler. But history has yet to render a final judgment on the character and reign of Maximilian, the second emperor of White Mexico. One thing is for sure: he was not the power-crazed madman that the mainstream has portrayed in television shows and books for over 150 years.


Most Americans have probably never heard of the second Mexican empire. If you go by Wikipedia, it never existed. The entry in History of Mexico says: “After a protracted struggle (1810-1821) Mexico declared its independence from Spain in 1821 via the Treaty of Cordoba. A brief period of monarchy (1821-23), called the first Mexican empire, was followed by the founding of the Republic of Mexico, established under a federal constitution in 1824. Mexico continues to be constituted as a federated republic.”

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The Barnes Review, November/December 2015: Maximilian: The Folly of Intervntionism


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