by Dr. Ed DeVries

I watched Tuesday night as President Trump gave his much anticipated Oval Office address about the situation on our Southern border. When he finished, my wife looked at me and asked what I thought. My reply: “I am disappointed. The president didn’t talk very long and has offered NO solutions to any problems.”

I had hoped the president would have declared a “state of emergency,” which is often the object of an Oval Office address. But he did not. Instead, he is going to give Congress yet another opportunity to negotiate.

Is the president really that naive? Does he really think the Marxists who now run Congress will give him anything? What was Einstein’s definition of insanity? Wasn’t it something about someone who keeps doing the SAME thing over and over again but somehow thinks that next time the result will be different?

Donald Trump has been president for TWO years now. And with nearly everything he has attempted to do, the Marxists simply get an activist judge to “order” him to stand down. And regrettably, he always does. Now it seems he simply does not act for fear of the lawsuit. How many times did Obama, Bush, Clinton and the 41 presidents before them all tell the federal judges to “Go to Hell”? Why won’t President Trump?

I had really hoped that Tuesday would be the night when Donald Trump graduated from the guy who lives at the White House to actually BEING the president of these united States.

As such, President Trump can declare a state of emergency, order the Army Corps of Engineers to the southern border, immediately begin to build the wall, stop the invasion— and there isn’t anything the Democrats or the Judiciary can do about it short of burning the Constitution (not that I’d put that past them).

Anyway, I listened to the entirety of the president’s speech. And even stayed tuned to watch the “Saturday Night Live” sketch where Beevis and Butthead stood in the long hallway dressed like Schumer and Pelosi to reassure us all that they will be obstructing everything the president is so far not actually doing. Speaking of which, I still don’t have a clue what, if anything, the president is planning to do. Whatever it is, I hope he will do it quickly.

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