By Dr. Ed DeVries

Though over a century has passed, June 28, 1914 remains etched into the collective consciousness of many Europeans; just as December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor Day) and September 11, 2001 (9/11 Day) remain on the collective conscious of so many Americans. The significance? June 28, 1914 was the day that Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated. The first domino falling into the chain of events that would ultimately become the First World War.

Five years to the day (June 28, 1919), after millions had been killed, the Treaty of Versailles was signed. The treaty did not end the war. Instead, it was but another in an even longer chain of events that would create the economic and social conditions that would eventually become World War II.

That war put in motion a whole other set of events, still in play today. If you do not believe that, just question the official narrative of World War II.

As 2020 was coming to a close, World Net Daily wrote that we would see 2021 begin with an upcoming “trigger event.” According to the report, the “authorities” would be unable to keep civil order as the left violently terrorized ordinary citizens and their communities. Did we witness that “trigger event” on January 6 when groups of fed-up citizens stormed the Capitol building? Were they all supporters of the president? That is what the mainstream media would have you to believe. I and many of my fellow conservatives  believe the troublemakers who turned protest from peaceful to violent were actually Antifa agents disguised as Trump supporters. Of course, we have about as good a chance of making that case in the media and in the courts as the president’s lawyers did when trying to demonstrate widespread election fraud.

What I can say with certainty is that the difference between what we saw on January 6, and what happened over 100 years ago in Europe, is that, unlike the conflicts of the 20th century, the conflicts of the 21st century are no longer between nations. They are now between competing worldviews within the nation. Not world war but “civil” war.

In the United States, the United Kingdom and throughout the West, the Powers That Be have rushed full throttle into the implementation of their globalist agenda. What we saw on January 6 was the ordinary citizens on both extremes of the political spectrum demonstrating their opposition to that agenda.

For decades, our governments have insisted on governing without, what Jefferson called in the Declaration of Independence, “the consent of the governed.”

Like leprechauns, American and European politicians have long been promising their reluctant citizenries a pot of gold at the end of their New World Order rainbow. But the European Union, NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), and numerous others of their internationalist outfits have proven to be frauds. They are nothing more than massive wealth transfer schemes leaving the poor in poverty and impoverishing the middle class by transferring their “wealth” to the already rich and “elite.”

People once gainfully employed have figured out that it was the globalist trade agreements that shipped their jobs overseas. Add to that the left’s never-ending push for increased immigration, and demonization of anyone daring to speak against that flood of immigration. And then there is the general hypocrisy of the left, decrying Western civilization as decadent and systemically racist while oppressively practicing the very tactics they decry by enslaving millions of refugees and “undocumented immigrants” (formerly known as illegal aliens) to the trans-national corporations and to the Marxist plantation of the U.S. and European welfare systems. That hypocrisy, the disconnect between rich and poor, elites and ordinary folks, “white privilege” versus black lives mattering or not mattering, it’s as if the Deep State lights fires and just keeps pouring gasoline on them.

Smelling the smoke, the masses are awaking to the realization that the grand globalist schemes failed to produce the promised utopias and the reality that the politicians and their puppetmasters are completely detached from reality. Just as the elites thought that their plans were falling into place, those pesky citizens in America went and elected an outsider, Donald Trump, as their president. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the Brits voted to leave the European Union.

What we have seen over the last four years is their retaliation not only against Trump, but also against any who in the least supported him. Their unwillingness to allow the citizenry to restore order to their nations through the political process has caused multitudes to seek other methods. They have completely ignored our attempts for “redress our grievances.” Thus, some resorted to marching on the Capitol.

Add to that social and mainstream media demonizing anyone who will not tow the Marxist line.  Now these patriots are nothing more than “racists,” “white supremacists,” “insurrectionists,” “traitors,” “conspiracy theorists” etc.  But what happens when those hateful slurs lose their impact? In desperation, the globalists resorted to censorship. Thus, Antifa can burn down cities but Trump supporters cannot even peacefully assemble in small numbers. And make no mistake about it, agitators within Antifa and BLM are most likely government agents, orchestrating violence against the peaceful majority.

Now add to that the government’s use of the coronavirus as an excuse to slam the brakes on the economy and further turn the police against ordinary people by insisting cops arrest people for not wearing masks, eating holiday dinners in groups of more than a handful and forcing policemen to act as their enforcers and close businesses that dared to open against the demands of their governors and mayors.

Except for a brief mention above, we have not even begun to discuss the possibility of mass election fraud that we were told by credible people like Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Gen. Michael Flynn, Sean Hannity, etc., took place. Of course the other side denies that there was any fraud. Never mind that the election’s “record turnout” resulted in more votes being cast than there are even registered voters in the nation! That fact alone means that numerous votes were cast illegally. Election theft is nothing new. In fact, TBR dedicated an entire issue to it in the summer of 2016. An issue which showed that in elections past, when fraud was claimed, courts and legislative bodies held hearings, examined the evidence, and, if need be, offered a remedy. Granted, with each change of the rules comes new inventions for cheating. But at least the men and women burdened with “guarding our democracy” made a show of doing just that.

In this past election, court after court refused to adjudicate the matter, or to even hear evidence that the president and his lawyers had ready. To me, there is clear and overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden did not win. This results in roughly half of the nation’s adult population asking the question: “If the president of the United States cannot even get an honest hearing, or any hearing at all, for that matter, please tell me what hope do I have of ever being heard, let alone receiving justice, in those same courts?”

And, by the way, had Mr. Trump succeeded in affecting a change to the outcome, well, then, we’d likely have the other half of the population asking a similarly unsettling question. And that is why we have literal masses of Americans, “patriots” all (at least in their own minds), on both sides of the political spectrum, marching in the streets. Some are doing it peacefully. Others, violently. The people just want to be heard!

It’s not just the government giving them the deaf ear. The mainstream and social media outlets, that should be giving everyone a voice, de-platformed anyone who dared challenge the official narrative or who attempted to publish any evidence to the contrary. In Europe the crime has long been Holocaust denial. In America the crime is denial of any narrative that the government and its media minions have decreed. In other words, the elites are telling the commoners that they will no longer allow self-determination or even free thinking on the part of the people. In short, the government no longer needs the consent of the governed. And, as far as the government is concerned, the “governed,” can, “go to hell”!

The Powers That Be will simply no longer be bothered with things like facts, or elections, or voters. Nor will they allow anything to interfere with their long dreamed of New World Order.

Thus, they have set in motion a series of events that will result in a subsequent series of events.

November 3 began a series of events—vote dumps, court abdications, false media reports, Congressional proceedings, etc.—that brought about the craziness of January 6. January 6 began a series of events: the overtaking of our nation’s Capitol, protesters demanding the attention of their politicians, and a whole chain of events yet to be seen.

Worse, each successive link in the chain of events results in our national institutions being weaponized against the citizens they are supposed to serve. Leaving the governed with even fewer and fewer peaceful options to be heard or to effect change. Hence more and more people marching in the streets, more protests, more government crackdowns on protesting the “wrong” issues. It’s a vicious cycle.

And now we have a president being impeached for trying to raise an insurrection against his own government?  A resurrection where the “traitors” carried American flags? And chanted “U.S.A, U.S.A.”? Insurrectionists that were almost all unarmed? Rioters who insisted the historic statuary, paintings, frescoes and friezes remain unharmed? Those were not the actions of “White supremacist revolutionaries,” but of true American patriots. The Antifa infiltrators stuck out like sore thumbs, at least one filming the event while constantly encouraging the riled-up Trump supporters to “Burn this sh** down,” trying to convince police officers to leave their posts and insisting people smash windows with their “helmets” and “kevlar.”

My point, and the reason I began with the events of 1914, is that history is NOT just a series of events that all happened in the past. Rather, history is a combination of events that result in subsequent events. History, if you will, is playing out before our very eyes. And we are living participants in it. It may seem that we are actors whose lines have been scripted for us. But who says we have to read the script?

Therefore, in theory, we should be able to change history even as the drama unfolds. I hope so, because the day is fast coming when all “unapproved” history books will have been banned and burned. Those that are left—all approved by Big Brother—are what my grandchildren will be forced to read.

And that is scary.

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