The Nazis’ Big Apple A-Bomb

By Philip Rife. erica had a couple of Tigers by the tail when our people foolishly allowed themselves to be stampeded into war against Germany and Japan in what is now known as World War II. While neither Axis country wanted war with the United States, they were capable of putting up quite a fight. What few have ever realized is that both nations had nuclear weapons, and at least one of them—Germany—had ICBMs. Did the Big Apple escape being nuked by the skin of its teeth?

silverbirdWould Adolf Hitler—as so many honest Hitlerian scholars insist—have actually agreed to drop an atomic weapon on the United States and his Anglo-Saxon brethren unless his own nation faced utter annihilation? The possibility is discussed here.  [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from

The Barnes Review, March-April 2013: Did Anyone Survive Custer’s Last Stand?


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