The Jewish Question in Old Russia


The Bolshevik empire was forged by Jews on both sides of the Atlantic. Therefore, understanding the history of Russo-Jewish relations is of immense importance in making sense of the 20th century. In this broadcast, TBR’s own Matthew Raphael Johnson speaks with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on just this question.

It is almost impossibly to find a serious, objective study of Jews in the Russian empire. They are seen universally as innocent victims attacked by savage, sub-human Russians for no reason. Tenure depends on this. Like everything in academic history, it is incorrect, damaging and imposed on students by force.

Using scholars such as Oleg Platonov and the famed Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Johnson brings out the truth on this world-altering question. The Jews were considered destroyers, fraudsters and exploiters of the peasants. the Kahal took advantage of the Christian peasantry and their inbred sense of fair play and used it against them.

Over time, they came to control all peasant debt and hence, the peasantry itself. When they rose in rebellion, Jews were shocked that the goyim were capable of understanding their condition. the truth is that the Khazar view of rapacious and parasitic profiteering never left the Jewish mind and dominates it to this very day.

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